Dolphins, Sky Garden And Street Art

My dearest peeps, here is another look from the collection of ‘lost outfits’ in my blog’s draft – I wanted to share these pictures because this outfit was one of my favourites from this summer (I wore it not only here but here too).

How important is your waist to you? To me, it’s everything – from a style point of view. I love a defined waist – I think it creates a beautiful silhouette and am happy to show mine off whenever I can. So when I got this boxy top last summer I always assumed that when not wearing it with its coordinating shorts I would wear it with a fitted bottom.

I’m not good at playing with proportions – I adore all those fashionistas who pull off amazing outfits full of different shapes and sizes, but as a petite, average-built lady I stay away from ‘risky’ looks as such. So spontaneously wearing this boxy top with a skater skirt was a mini revelation for me – I ‘ignored’ my waist and it wasn’t the end of the world. Lesson learned? Boxy tops and skater skirts can sometimes work together.

Top, Mary Jane Fashion. Skirt, Silvian Heach. Earrings, H&M. Watch, Michael Kors. Clutch, ASOS. Shoes, Clarks. 

I wore this outfit for a super fun touristy day out in London and discovered too many attractive backgrounds – I had no idea Southbank was full of beautiful (commissioned, I’m guessing) artwork. Hidden gems! After a bit of Google research I found out the art in the first two pictures is part of a mural by SiMitchell and Captain Kris called “Creepy Cupid.” A little more up my alley is this gorgeous Rodin-inspired piece is by Ewelina Koszykowska – I’d love to see her fill London with more of her beautiful pieces.

Bubble gum! This ASOS clutch is a pastel dream come true – looking back I don’t think I gave it the outfit it truly deserved, next time I’ll go all out with my pastels.

The day I wore this outfit I went to Sky Garden for the first time – it was as imposing and delightful as I expected, and really hope to see it at night one day.

Oh, one can never have too much Dan Kitchener on a blog! His murals are just to die for…

This mural by Grems in Southbank is one of my favourite pieces – it’s vibrant, charmingly naive and unforgettable… and hey, if it’s good enough for ex-Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger

Even the Gherkin made it to this post!

It was inevitable that this post would end up being more of a visual diary about a day out in one of my favourite cities than an outfit post. Having said that, wearing something you love when you’re building fond memories makes it all the more special.

Photographed on August 8th, 2015 in Sky Garden and Southbank.


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