J’Adore… Again

It was only when writing this post that it hit me – I already have a jumper with a ‘suggestive’ French phrase. Well, it says Je voudrais… and is pink and basically completely different to this one, so I think I can justify buying the similar concept but different outcome?

Hat, Aldo. Jacket and necklace, H&M. Jumper, Oliver Bonas. Shirt and brogues, NW3. Skirt, Urban Outfitters. Ring, from Hong Kong. Earrings and bracelet, gifts. Bag, Zara (with Tatty Devine telephone keyring).

I mentioned a while back that I had this cutie on my radar… it got slightly reduced two months ago so I decided to just go for it. I couldn’t get hold of a size 8 so went for a 10 – it’s a little too big for my likings but I love it to bits anyway. As well as clearly having a French language fetish I find the way the wording is displayed adorable, and  grey jumpers are one of my favourite wardrobe staples. Not to mention how thanks to this jumper I noticed that coral and grey are a match made in heaven.

I feel like I wore this jacket non-stop throughout April and May – as impractical as the colour is it somehow seems to have become one of those pieces that I can just throw on. 

It’s kinda weird that this H&M piece didn’t directly come from there. I spotted it all the way back in November at a vintage-ish shop near Victoria Park and fell in love – I had to wait over six months to finally wear it! 

These pictures make me miss my long hair – I cut it about six weeks ago and already look forward to having it long (but healthy, which it wasn’t) again.

So as you’ve probably noticed I’m not wearing my hat, dark tights (but was only wearing them that day because I couldn’t find a pair of nude tights) and jumpers over shirts anymore – this is another late April #ootd. Little by little I am getting up to date!

This is one of my favourite recent(ish) outfits, as I love a good colour contrast. If the background sort of fits in too that’s a bonus! This pretty piece is by My Dog Sighs and The Toasters – it’s one of the most photogenic walls I’ve come across lately and will hopefully appear again on the blog…

Photographed in Bethnal Green on April 24th, 2015 – photographs by Sara.


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