Diamonds Are a Dress’s Best Friend

Dress, H&M. Leather jacket, Isaac Mizrahi. Earrings, Swarovski. Clutch and ring, from Hong Kong. Shoes, M&S.

Well I never thought I would be this covered in diamonds, even if it’s in a slightly metaphorical way… Many a time I have described my weird attraction to things that are borderline tacky, and I think this dress is going to be one of those cases. I will admit that the big £10 label is what initially grabbed my attention, but there was something about this dress that I was irrevocably drawn to. 

More than the ‘interesting’ diamond print – which are, I think, pretty tacky – it was probably the vibrant mix of colours that got me to say yes. It was also a simple matter of truly loving what I saw in the fitting room’s mirror. The fit was also surprisingly lovely, a perfect skater dress if there ever was one. 

I’ve never been too keen on scuba fabric, but I have to say that is probably what makes the fit so good – it gives the dress a fabulous structure. 

There is no better feeling than wanting to wear something new straight away (and often), which I tell myself is the sign of a good investment. I’ve showcased it on Instagram a few times and took these pictures over two months ago – oops. How shameful is it that I’m only sharing them now? Although if I were to wear it one of these days I would probably style it the exact same way, as it’s not any colder or warmer at the moment.

To keep up with the bling theme I decided to throw my fake Maison Martin Margiela bag in the mix…

I love it to bits even though it is so impractical! The colour gold for a clutch however is super versatile – and I say clutch because a gold bag is usually too much. But on a smallish carryall? Perfect.

My fondness for bling is no secret but because it has always been on a three-dimensional level this dress is something new for me. Despite my sample sale binging in May, this year I’ve managed to cut down on shopping considerably. But buying this dress was an absolute delight, it had felt like a time since I’d bought something I was really crazy about. In other words, I think I may have got myself a wardrobe classic.

Photographed on Essex Road on April 6th, 2015 – pictures by Ruth.



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