The Bag Diaries: Perfume

Once upon a time I declared 2014 had been the year of crazy bags, but 2015 doesn’t seem to be a different story. I’m not sure when Next, who have recently had an amazing selection of novelty bags, brought out this cutie but I think it must have been before December – I bought it at the end of March, once it went down 50% off.

#Whatsinmybag is one of Instagram’s coolest hashtags – should I start a #whatsinmyminisculebag trend? How much I can fit in a tiny amount of space has become not only a challenge but an aesthetically pleasing Photo Op too – this little box fits almost nothing but it’s so cute I forgive its impracticality.

It was a long time before I made up my mind about this bag. Eau de Parfum isn’t the most original thing to write on a bag (although I guess it’s better than Eau de Next) and the shape reminded me of those overexposed, impractical Chanel-wannabe phone cases. But I remember trying it on with this coat months and months ago and (sort of) falling in love with it. Its sale price (about £13) was the final push I needed. 

I loved matching it with my pink coat outside of the shop – and yes, these pictures were taken a while ago as it’s been ages since I wore black tights and a thick coat.

It makes the perfect cute evening bag but lately I’m more of a day girl so I took it with me all the way to Broadway Market in East London. My adorable friend gave me adorable flowers which tied in rather nicely with it all, non?

Bag, Next. Hat, Aldo. Coat and ring, from Hong Kong. Shirt, Reiss. Skirt, Club Monaco. Ring on left hand, vintage. Bracelet, Mango. Brogues, House of Avenues.

I bought this shirt at a Reiss sample sale last Spring and only started wearing it recently – shameful! I did not wake up one morning and decide I wanted a silver shirt, but saw a very similar shirt on someone and consequently bought this one because it reminded me of that one I’d seen. 

What looks good with silver, other than black and denim? It’s a bit bold, brash and possibly tacky. I ignored my fashion sense and bought it anyway. So precisely because I’m clueless as to what to match silver with it’s spent most of its fashion life in a wardrobe. And that’s when I realised that white skirts – like this one, which I also got last Spring – can come in really handy…

I really miss wearing my hat – it really did feel like the finishing touch but is sort of a little too wintery for these days.

Novelty bag? Check. Complementing outfit? Check. Gorgeous tulips? Check. Amazing background? Triple check. I couldn’t help but include this amazing wall by Zabou – it’s an accurate reminder of how tiny I am. The lovely background from the first few pictures is by an artist called KEF.

I also had to include this beautiful lady painted by the amazing Vinie Graffiti. I’d been searching for her for months (in the way that people search for lovers, I search for art) and finally found her that day, literally tucked away in a bush off Commercial Street. Again, it goes to show how tiny I am – or how big street art is, literally and figuratively.

Photographed off Broadway Market and off Commercial Street, East London on April 5th 2015 – pictures taken by Ruth.



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