The Monday to Sunday Edit

So on the 29th of December I bought this life-changing hat from Aldo and only realised yesterday that I wore it every day out of last week apart from Saturday. It wasn’t the only star of this week though…

Monday: Aldo hat (new) / Coat and necklace from Hong Kong / Topshop polo neck / Bershka skirt / Primark scarf (bought in September/October) / New Look clutch (Christmas gift!) / Office boots

Tuesday: Aldo hat / Miss Selfridge scarf (bought just before Christmas) / Primark coat / Ring, from Hong Kong / Miu Miu bag / NW3 boots

Wednesday: Aldo hat / Miss Selfridge coat / Åland jumper (worn over Topshop vest) / Claire’s Accessories necklace / Vintage skirt from Beyond Retro / Bag from Hong Kong / Primark tights / Office boots

Thursday: Aldo hat / Primark earrings / NW3 jumper worn over Hobbs shirt / Sugarhill Boutique skirt / Brandy Melville ring / Bag from Hong Kong / House of Avenues shoes

Friday: Aldo hat / Coat from Hong Kong / Zipia jumper / Bershka skirt / Miss Selfridge scarf / Primark bracelets (gift) / Accessorize bag (first self-gift of 2015) / House of Avenues shoes

Saturday (left): Primark umbrella and coat / Miss Selfridge scarf / Marks & Spencer jumper / Åland necklace / Skirt from Hong Kong / Accessorize bag / NW3 boots // Sunday (right): Aldo hat / Coat from Hong Kong / French Connection jumper worn over Primark vest / Reiss skirt / Shoes from La Cle de Bilbao

I love my first 2015 weekly edit! Accessories are the only things I’ve been buying lately, adding the finishing touches to many of my looks. I am clearly obsessed with my Aldo hat and was thrilled to finally get my cute little camera bag from Accessorize, which I’d been ogling for over six months and went down 50% in the sale. Other than a few, new and cute details, my style is reasonably practical at the moment – I’m just unsuccessfully trying to stay warm in pastel shades!



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