Midi Skirt N°2

Well hello there blog, it’s been so long that I’m feeling a little shy. I think the best way to explain my absence is through bullet points:

  • I moved house in November – due to my shopaholism packing was a nightmare
  • I didn’t have home internet for over two weeks
  • Interning took the life out of me
  • I’ve definitely had a case of blogger’s block
  • My computer is f*cked
  • The weather has made me miserable, and it’s having an effect on my wardrobe and style
  • I’m not done with unpacking my wardrobe – in fact, it will probably be months before it is fully unpacked and edited. This will inevitably have an impact on the blog

Also, I haven’t been shopping much the past two months. This is something I’m thrilled about – I definitely miss that rush of getting shiny new things, but am no longer being as wasteful with money and am really understanding how less can be so, so much more. Back in October though I did get a few things, this skirt being one of them. I sadly only got to wear it once – it doesn’t deserve black tights so will have to take a break till next spring.

I may not be 100% sure about the length – I am a shorty after all – but it still makes me feel like an absolute princess. I must have a long pink skirt fetish; I found it whilst casually browsing in Topshop’s sale rail and after trying it on I just didn’t want to put it back.

I think it’s a good sign when one gets complemented when wearing something for the first time. I went to the adorable little café that is Velvet Marie and had two lovely ladies admire my skirt, asking me if I’d made it. If only! I told them it was Topshop and they said I should sa it’s vintage instead. Advice taken.

It turns out I like floral details covered in gold, and blush pink has naturally become one of my favourite shades. I also love the floral touch of gold. Overall, it has a retro, possibly 50’s vibe which I like to think Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly would have approved of.

The length is the main issue, and might even shorten it ever so slightly – but the fabric, shade, pattern and style won me over completely.

Did I introduce you properly to my new favourite necklace? I’d been eyeing it up for months on the adorable website Pink Lovebird and finally decided to go for it, since I couldn’t get it out of my head. It’s soooo bling-tastic and lippy and pearly…

These pictures were taken all the way back in October – hence the t-shirt, nude tights, beautifully golden leaves and incessant smile on my face. Whilst I can picture it with a pretty white jumper I’m afraid it’s only Carrie Bradshaw who could pull off this skirt in the winter, so it is now in winter hibernation.

The next few outfit posts are going to be old ones, and sadly I haven’t managed any Monday to Friday Edits. Life is hectic at the moment and I really don’t know in what direction the blog will be going. I am going to be blogging over the Christmas holidays though – it’s going to be a productive break!

Photographed in the midst of Dalston and Newington Green on October 18th, 2014 – pictures by Ruth.



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