Wedding Snippets #5: Lace and Love in London

Two Saturdays ago I attended my fourth and what will probably be my final wedding of the year. I’ve earned the right to say that 2014 has been a wedding overdose for me but if there’s anyone left who would like to invite me, please do, since I now totally feel like a wedding regular. Random fact: this was my first ever wedding in London – and I’ve been living here for 9 years! I guess it goes to show I’m not that old? Anyway, this very much felt like a London wedding, since it was right in the centre of the city and the ceremony itself felt very… English. A change for me since all the other weddings have been in different countries this year! Anyway, it was lovely to see these two adorable Londoners tie the knot, and if there’s one thing that made me really happy was that the bride really wanted us all to dress in bright colours and basically just go for it. Because nothing makes me happier than to be asked to make an effort (and to not worry about outshining the bride, because that is obviously impossible), which leads to one of the final points I’d like to make about dressing up for weddings…

Dress, Little Mistress. Earrings, Forever 21. Ring, gift. Bracelet, from Hong Kong. Bag, Daily Dolly. Shoes, Zara.

Less is sometimes more, and other times it’s a total bore. In life, there aren’t many times we will get to really dress up. Not all of us get invited to the Oscars and other kinds of ‘big deals’, so I really believe that weddings are the perfect excuse to go big or go home. Just put on an amazing dress and feel fantastic, why the hell not. Dressing up is one of the greatest (and no, not expensive) pleasures in life, so take every chance you can get to have that million dollar feeling. Obviously I’m very much a girlie girl and love any occasion that involves a fancy dress, so less is a bore is my motto. But for those of you girls who aren’t into fashion and/or girlieness, then less is more is probably what works for you. Keep it simple and elegant – there are as many non-girlie yet nice dresses out there as there are super girlie, bright or loud ones.

This buy was actually a late one, but when I saw it on ASOS a week before the wedding I finally had that this is it feeling – and was not disappointed when it arrived in the post days before the big day. Lace, fuchsia pink, a big bow, nipped waist and full skirt – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

I think my matching was quite subtle this time. I did pink and white polka dot nails, had my ruby ring and pink, white and black bracelet on, which all tied in with the dress and bag.

Deciding to go for this bag was a winner, since it made so many other choices a lot easier. Using this bag meant I could wear my black shoes, black bolero, black leather jacket and even throw in my earrings that have the cameo detailing. It’s not your usual kind of wedding clutch but I was thrilled to finally use it – unsurprisingly, my stripper shoe bag (that’s how I like to refer to it) got a fair amount of attention.

Sadly this super adorable umbrella isn’t mine – I secretly borrowed it from the bride. I don’t think she minded..

I just had to include a few pictures from the lovely wedding itself. This might seem weird to say because you would expect this to happen in every wedding, but it doesn’t – there really, really was lots of romance in the air.

There were so many unique details around the wedding venue – in the unlikely event that I have ever have a fancy wedding myself, I will have to rip off a few of these super cute ideas.

Oh God, what a beautifully simple dress. I was especially in love with the sheer back and the rose and bow combo, ever so sweet and delicate.

Is that mint and pink I see? On a wedding cake? One of the most beautiful cakes I have ever come across – definitely too nice to eat (it was yummy though).

And what better way to end this post and the last of my wedding series for a while than with this adorable mint type writer, one the prettiest, Insta-must details of the wedding. In case it’s a strain, here’s the quote that sums up everything a wedding and love should sum up:

“If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.”

Well isn’t that ending just perfect.

Pictures taken at Chandos House, London, on September 20th 2014 – outfit pictures by Ruth.



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