Covered in Kisses (again)

So I can’t actually remember when I bought this blouse but I’m fairly sure it must have been some time in 2012. Why has it taken quite this long to be on the blog? Sadly it’s not amazing quality so it doesn’t get out too much, which is a shame because I absolutely adore the print. An eBay find, my friend sent me a link to this blouse because she knew I would love it. Indeed, straight into the basket it went. It turned out it’s a rip off of an ASOS blouse – how bizarre is it when high-street brands get plagiarized? Had I known this had been on ASOS, I most certainly would have gone for it and could have probably expected a nicer fabric. So whilst I’m guessing the lesson is to not buy high-street rip-offs, I’m still pleased to have this pretty print in my life.

Shirt, eBay. Skirt, Circle. Earrings, gift. Necklace, H&M. Bracelet, from Hong Kong. Ring, bimba & lola. Watch, vintage. Bag, Bershka. Shoes, vintage Salvatore Ferragamo from Beyond Retro.

This also proves that my love for lips and kiss stains started way before one of the biggest style obsessions of 2014, courtesy of Saint Laurent. In fact, I pretty much remember when my obsession started. In 2009, DKNY brought out a gorgeous black top covered in pink kisses (I somehow found a picture of it here). Five years later I am still obsessed with that top, which remains as one of the most desired pieces I have ever come across in my whole life. Sadly, I couldn’t afford it, but little by little that little hole left in my heart got filled. Many pieces I bought in 2014 made up for it, but this top definitely helped too.

Now that wearing jumpers over shirts is so “in” this shirt is pretty perfect for that, as well as wearing a fancy necklace with it too.

again – like I did with this look back in February – I brought out all
of my favourite lips to make a point… I love matching and red lips, I

It’s also time for you to meet my amazing Ferragamos – how lucky was I to find them in Beyond Retro last June for £25? I have a weakness for red shoes and have recently developed a love for the classic Salvatore pumps, so when I found these there was no way I could put them down! I actually feel so precious about them that I haven’t worn them that much – but when I do, it’s awesome.

This is a slightly “old” look too – but I’m steadily catching up! I really feel like I should hang out in Fashion Street more often just because the name is perfect, but to be honest there’s not too much going on there. Then again, when my friend and I came across this amazing wall we were completely sold. I know one of the charming things about street art is that it doesn’t last forever, but please, can they leave this amazing rainbow live for as long as possible? It really does give Fashion Street that extra shine…

Photographed on Fashion Street on September 28th, 2014 – pictures by Ruth.



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