Watermelon Junction

Sweater and ring, Åland. Body (worn underneath sweater) and satchel, Topshop. Skirt, New Look. Necklace, Primark. Earrings, from Hong Kong. Watch, ASOS. Bracelets, gifts. Shoes, Zara.

In case it wasn’t obvious, watermelons really did steal my heart this summer, be it in the shape of a bag, earrings and even street art. The latest addition to this obsession? This awesome skirt.

I’d had my eye on the shorter version of this skirt all summer. Last month, both versions finally went down to an even more guilt-free price tag. Thankfully, the petite one sold out before I decided to take the plunge, so this is the one that ended up in my life. And I’m so relieved – this is quite long but I think my shortness can handle it, and yes, I’m really more partial to longer styles these days. What mattered to me the most was the vivacious print – I love it! I’ve always wanted a watermelon bikini (American Apparel, anyone?) but something that I can wear outside of the swimming pool and beach is so much better. I also see it as an all-year-round skirt – it will go perfectly with black tights and my brown boots.

This look itself is quite wintery, even though these pictures were taken almost a month ago! I wore it with my beautiful Åland sweater – I really don’t want winter to start but this sweater will be one the highlights of the season. I love the see-through detailing, it’s so different and painfully cool (way too cool for me). It’s not often I wear so much black but the happy print makes up for it perfectly. In fact, I think my favourite way of wearing this skirt is going to be with a black top – straps in the summer, this sweater in winter.

Oh yes I did! I just had to throw in these earrings. Next time though, I really do think I’ll have to grab my watermelon clutch too…

The perfect background is by the amazing street artist Roes – nowadays I really do have a penchant for urban art!

Photographed in Old Street, London on August 30th, 2014 – photos by Ruth.



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