She Wore Blue

Dress, from Malaga (bought last summer). Earrings, from Hong Kong. Belt, Primark. Ring, Åland. Watch, ASOS. Bag, & Other Stories. Shoes, Office.

Writing about this dress makes me want to wear it again – sadly my room has suffered a fashion hurricane and it’s gone M.I.A. I should find it soon because let’s face it, it’s more of a summer babe. 

When I spotted this dress in a window shop in Malaga last summer that was it – I forced my mom to come in to the shop with me and let me have a try. My mom is a sensible shopper (and by sensible I mean she never shops) but luckily she approved of this piece – like me, she loved the fit, the colour and the very sensible price tag (it was less than 15 euros). I won’t deny that I felt fairly guilty considering I have this other dress, but this one is just so perfect and a little longer and softer…

I finally wore it at the beginning of last month for my trip to Brighton – I say finally because it went missing for a year. Yep, that’s how unorganised my wardrobe was up until recently – I was starting to wonder whether I’d left it in my home in Spain. I did a semi-clearout and this beauty fell into my hands – I was so happy! Yes, it’s gone missing again but now at least I know that it’s in my room. Messy, moi?

Whilst it is all about the dress, here’s a little close up of the details – my currently favourite fruity ASOS watch (surprisingly versatile) and my matchstick earrings, which serve as a little contrast to the deep blue shade.

Oh hello, back cleavage. It’s not exactly bra friendly but I love this detail.

This is no longer my Malaga dress – I think I should remember it as my Brighton dress. The pebbles, the seagulls, the sunset… once again, a perfect backdrop for a pretty dress. 

Photographed in Brighton on August 6th, 2014.



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