She Wore Blue {Part 2}

Top, Hobbs. Necklace, from Seoul. Skirt, Boutique by Jaeger (seen here). Earrings, Gogo Philip. Ring on right hand, Accessorize. Ring on left hand, vintage. Shoes, Primark. Bag, bracelet and jacket (seen below), NW3. Watch, Aldo. 

Oh God, who cares about the outfit when there’s this beautiful piece right next to it? My look is merely an excuse to showcase such a fab work of art. What a wonderful coincidence though – I simply happened to be wearing a full-on blue look when my friend took me to see this wall. And that was it – we had the perfect background.

So I’m referring to this post as part 2 because my love for cobalt blue has been very obvious lately (as seen here). There’s just something about this shade of blue that pushes my buttons – it’s elegant, not that warm but definitely not cold and can instantly brighten up an outfit without being too in one’s face. I always wonder if my fixation for certain colours and styles will fade as soon as a season ends – well, cobalt blue may have reached its peek last summer (that’s when I got this top) but I think it’s turning into a classic hue in my wardrobe.

Oh my, how I still love this skirt. But how I hate that it only gets out in the summer. Still – it’s totally worth saving space for it in my wardrobe.

Sadly this little jacket doesn’t get out much either! It’s awkward because it’s not quite warm enough for the really cool summer days (which we naturally get lots of in London) but is unexpectedly too warm for the unusually hot days. That doesn’t stop me from loving it and treasuring it as one of my most valued NW3 pieces – a brand that will sadly no longer exist from next year.

I didn’t go too blue with my jewellery and nails – well, I’m not a fan of blue nail polish and I don’t think I have any jewellery or watches with blue undertones in it…

These shoes! Bought last summer, worn a few times but not too many times, still just as awesome as when I first got them.

Well isn’t this a curious necklace. I couldn’t resist when I spotted it in Seoul’s wholesale market (a dangerous place for one’s wallet) – the pearl detailing is adorable and the different coloured shoes? It makes it all the more versatile.

All of these pieces have been on the blog before but I really wanted to give them a proper moment on the blog. I love the top to bits even if there’s nothing groundbreaking about it. 

I wore a lot of – probably too much – blue as a kid and teenager, and then ignored it for a long, long time. It’s really been just the past year that my love affair with blue began. It’s still going strong – whatever happens, it will be an affaire to remember.

Photographed near Hoxton, London on August 17th, 2014 – photos by Ruth.



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