Pastels, Colour-Blocking and Ponies

Jacket, jumper (seen below) and necklace, Primark. Top and skirt, H&M. Shoes, Marks & Spencer. Watch, Aldo. Ring, Ollie & Nic. Bag, Zara.

Pink, turquoise green and lemon yellow – I love looking like an ice cream. The first time I ever wore this outfit was over a year ago, and I’d been wanting to do a separate post on it ever since. I bought the top and skirt at the same time and totally intended to wear them together, but the jacket was unexpectedly the best touch I could have hoped for.

Oops – please do your best to ignore the crease-happy top! When not creased, I assure you it can look really elegant. I got it towards the end of the peplum trend craze, but still regard it as a timeless piece. I love the colour of the skirt and if I remember correctly it was only £1 (!), but always feel a little self-concious about the shortness of it. If only it were a few centimetres longer! I might have to look for a longer mint skirt next summer…

I wore this a few weeks ago for a walk in Camden Passage and grown-up Birthday soiree. At a glance, would you say this look is grown-up? A gingerbread man ring and pair of shoes covered in lips probably make it less so! I could have gone for a neutral pair of shoes but I felt like these lip shoes effortlessly tie in with the whole look.

Zara’s old-school It-bag! I remember how circa 2011 everyone had this bag, especially in the tan shade. I was thrilled to get my hands on this shocking pink version, but have barely used it. It’s almost weird for me to use a big bag these days, but I’m sure the day in which I really won’t be able to live without a carry-all will come soon.

It’s My Little Pony! A few posts ago I talked about how the Care Bears were a fond childhood memory – well, those cute bears have nothing on these awesome Ponies. I was obsessed with My Little Pony as a kid – I loved the AMAZING film, was addicted to the TV show (which I’m certain is much better than the recent version) and had loads of Little Pony toys. So when I saw this jumper on a reduced rail in Primark, I didn’t have to think twice.

I’m not one of those people who change into different outfits in one day, but suspecting that it would be a chilly day I brought this jumper in my bag – my top and jacket are very light so this was the cover-up I needed. Plus, the colours are perfect. After all, these ponies were the pioneers of pastel styling.

All this Pony talk is making me want to watch the film. For all you lovers of sugar hues and rainbows, trust me, it’s the best bit of inspiration you’ll get.

Photographed in Camden Passage, London on August 16th 2014 – photos by Ruth.



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