Lace and roller skates

Lace top and necklace, Forever 21 – worn on top on strap top by Primark. Skirt, Sugarhill Boutique. Earrings, Gogo Philip. Watch, Aldo. Bracelets, gift. Ring on right, Åland. Ring on left hand, vintage. Bag, from Hong Kong. Shoes, NW3.

So I tried to be good when I was in Brighton but it’s not my fault that the super adorable brand Sugarhill Boutique happens to be based there and had a sale going on when I was visiting.

Sometimes I really do think I’m growing up when it comes to my taste in fashion, but then I spot the cutest skirt ever with an adorable roller skates print and realise that I’m still far from growing up. That’s not to say it’s not an easy skirt – I never realised how versatile white skirts can be! It goes with sooo much and yes, it might be covered in roller skates but it’s still dressy and chic.

I wore it with this lace piece from Forever 21, which I hadn’t worn in ages but still love just as much as when I first bought it. Also, I wore it the exact same way as I did three years ago – a bright colour underneath a layer of lace just works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I wore this outfit to a posh hen do – I know that posh and hen do are two words that one wouldn’t normally put together but this get-together involved a really lovely dinner at York & Albany, very posh and yummy indeed! We were delightfully asked to dress up for the occasion and there’s nothing that makes me happier than being asked to make an effort! Still, I decided not to go overboard and kept it all in the details with lots of pink undertones. This little pink and mint bag is one of my best buys from Hong Kong – the colours are just a dream come true! I never used to be a lover of fakies but I don’t feel there’s any point in spending so much on a real Candy bag, so this cheap cutie is the perfect alternative.

This is one of my favourite looks from last month – it’s sort of casual, but sort of fancy, sort of elegant and sort of cutsie. It basically touches every element of my style. It’s also a nice memory of a very special night – a lovely, girlie get-together and a step closer to Mr.Ramsay!

Photographed in Camden Town on August 9th, 2014 – pics by Ruth.



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