Beautiful Brighton (A Photo Diary)


Dear Brighton, I’m so glad that last month (as previewed here) I finally got to know you a little better after having been in this country for so long. The weather was fantastic (it has never been great all the other times that I’ve been, such as in 2011) and it truly felt like a British summer. You may be touristy, a little too pricey and relatively small, but you’re ridiculously charming and effortlessly beautiful too. In three words, a true delight.

If I were ever to leave London but stay in the UK, Brighton would be my first choice. And the funny thing is, I don’t think I even got to see the real Brighton. There is still so much left to discover about this seaside wonder, although if there is one place I can proudly recommend to eat at it’s Dirty Blonde (picture number 7) – one of the coolest, most beautiful restaurants I have ever come across! I felt like a kid in the town’s dreamy aquarium – I’ve never felt so close to manta rays (my favourite sea animals), sharks and giant turtles. And that pebbled beach might be the hardest beach to walk on, but what beautiful waves… I even stopped hating seagulls for two days.

I cannot wait to go back – see you soon, my dear Brighton.



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