Masterpiece London 2014: The highlights

Last month I had the honour of attending the amazing art event that is Masterpiece London. Held in the south grounds of the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, it is an absolute visual feast. Even though I sadly can’t afford to invest in any luxurious art just yet (I should probably think about a mortgage first) I could easily have spent days at the fair – it’s like being in a village that consists only of national and international galleries. To summarize, it’s heaven for any artist and art lover.

How beautiful is this Head of Ara Macaw by Jean-Marie Fiori as seen at Galerie Dumonteil? I wouldn’t necessarily want it in my living room but it’s still amazing nevertheless.

Fell in love with this painting by Helmut Koller at Galerie Dumonteil – divine.

I have more understanding of painting but find sculpture fascinating too – this girl has movement!

Lovely sculptural homage to one of my all-time favourite painters, Vincent Van Gogh.

I never thought I would get to see this anywhere other than on the pages of a magazine – this iconic Longchamp bag customised by one of my favourite artists, Tracey Emin, was a personal highlight.

Love these pop portraits of Kate Moss and Madonna – and need that Not Your Bitch sign in my life.

The fair featured literally all kinds of art, from contemporary pieces to paintings from the Impressionist and Renaissance movements and even Egyptian hieroglyphics.

This bizarre yet somehow accurate representation of a horse was one of the stand-out pieces at the event.

If I had millions in the bank, this beautifully kitsch screen print by Andy Warhol would be hanging on my wall. Aptly named Please do not lick this page and featured at Long-Sharp Gallery, I had never seen this before – I love being reminded of just how clever Mr.Warhol was.

Sad yet beautiful painting by Russell Young, also featured at Long-Sharp Gallery, called Marilyn Crying.

No caption needed.

This piece by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, featured at Blain|Southern Gallery, left me flabbergasted, and was easily one of the most wow pieces at the whole event – not just for me I’m sure! I could easily stare at it for hours trying to figure out how it works, and still wouldn’t get it – but would never tire of trying to do so.

I seriously can’t wait for next year’s event – it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford anything by then but at least I’ll come out as inspired and happy as I did last month. Art, just like fashion, really does make me happy.



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