Pouring my hearts out

T-shirt, Primark. Necklace and ring on right hand, from Hong Kong. Ring on left hand, vintage. Bracelet, ASOS. Shorts, Ralph Lauren Denim Supply. Earrings, Swarovski. Bag and watch, Aldo. Brogues, Bershka.

Yep, I went heart-crazy for a day and I loved it. This is my favourite look from the past few weeks – it’s fun, carefree and so summery.

Let me start by saying how much I love love hearts. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the nineties and was ever so slightly fascinated by all kitsch things American, but there’s no denying that love hearts have a ridiculously significant role in contemporary pop culture. Also, they’re so cute it hurts! I’m not actually crazy about their taste and wouldn’t buy them – but put them on clothes, jewellery, bags, cushions (basically anything cute, wearable and fluffy) and I’ll have them in a heart beat.

This t-shirt may be from Primark but to me it’s lovely quality. The fit is cool (I love the rolled-up sleeves) and the actual print of the love hearts is so pretty and perfectly-coloured. It’s subtle enough to avoid being girlie and too sugar-coated, but picks up on summer’s on-going love affair with pastels.

I can’t remember what I bought first, but I’m pretty sure that one of the thoughts that crossed my mind when purchasing either one of these two pieces was “This is the perfect match for my t-shirt/bag!” I fell in love with this bag when I saw it in Aldo’s ad campaign, and was delighted to accidentally spot it reduced to about £12 in one of their shops. I considered getting the pink version too, but managed to control myself…

I love the arrow zip detail on the bag!

A little bit of bling was inevitable – as you can see I couldn’t keep it subtle and threw on my Swarovski earrings and my newly-fixed Love necklace – doesn’t the latter one totally make sense?

I wore this look for a casual yet super sunny and amazing Sunday stroll in Islington and Angel almost two weeks ago – this area has become one of my absolute favourite places in London. I’m especially in love with Camden Passage, the street where these pictures were taken. It’s full of amazing (and what seemed like affordable) vintage shops – I can’t wait to go back for a mini shopping expedition!

Photographed in Camden Passage (Angel), London in June 2014.


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