May Shopping List

Oops I did it again! It’s funny worrying how often I bulk buy… May started off with a sample sale at Tatty Devine (these sample sales always get the best out of me) and ended with an amazing mini trip to South Korea, where I unsurprisingly found lots of goodies…

Alphabet bag clutch (seen here)

Alphabet bags mini tote bag I normally don’t even count tote bags as fashion purchases – they’re just daily purchases that need to be beautiful! But this mini wonder is too adorable not to show off and is way more than a daily basic.

Tatty Devine red shoes necklace | Fox necklace | Silhouette badge | Clatter ring necklace | Saturn badge | Kitty ears ring | Piper ring | Telephone key ring

Tatty Devine had a sample sale! Hence the crazy haul.

Tatty Devine earrings

Marks & Spencer shoes

Aldo bag This was meant to be – a few months ago I discovered Betsey Johnson’s telephone bag, so when I saw this in Aldo I flipped.

Dear Stalker cookie t-shirt I only stayed for a few days in Seoul, which is good because I would
have come back with a huge wardrobe otherwise.

Dear Stalker lipstick t-shirt This adorable and affordable brand was one of my best discoveries in Seoul – I almost screamed when I saw the cookie and lipstick prints on these t-shirts. Shockingly, this time around Google didn’t do its magic and I couldn’t find anything online about this brand. I’m assuming it’s Korean since a lot of Korean brands are literally made in Korea – if you want to see more of this brand, they’re on Åland’s website

Safety pin ring from South Korea 

Earrings from South Korea Ghetto fabulous!

Åland necklace One of the things that I was looking forward to the most about going to South Korea was the amazing multi-brand store Åland, which I discovered in Hong Kong – think Urban Outfitters meets & Other Stories and Topshop.

Earrings from South Korea

Necklace from South Korea

Necklace from South Korea

Necklace from South Korea

Little bag-pouch from South Korea The most ridiculous thing I bought last month, but so cute and so cheap I couldn’t resist – it makes a great Korean souvenir!

Bag from South Korea A fabric mini Hermes! No waiting list or overdraft necessary for this cutie.

Milk bag from South Korea Are you there, Chanel? Aaaaaggghhh, most adorable bag ever!

Clutch from South Korea

Bomber jacket from South Korea So it turns out I’ve got a thing for bomber jackets! I actually wore this the other day and felt like Michael Jackson – but I love the colour and sheer detailing.

Åland bomber jacket This piece was pricey but I couldn’t resist! The arms are beautiful and the colour is perfect.

Top from South Korea Oh hello, Christopher Kane! I have to say I wasn’t the least bit keen on his spring/summer ’14 collection but for some reason when I saw this top in a shopping centre in Seoul I gravitated towards it straight away – despite the spelling mistakes.

Dress from South Korea And hello, Stella McCartney! Asia has gone crazy over this print – I spotted it in Hong Kong and saw it everywhere in Seoul. I fell in love with this dress straight away, not just because of the lips but because of the adorable design.

Jewellery and bags are the winners this month, which I’m relieved about considering there’s an avalanche of clothes in my wardrobe. My only defence (?) is that I wouldn’t have been so naughty had there not been a Tatty Devine sample sale and had I not gone to Seoul… I’m going to say what I always say though, I love every piece I bought! I’ve already done a bit of damage this month and my only hope is that I don’t find anything at Zara or Accessorize’s upcoming sales… oh dear!


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