The macaroon top and statement clutch

This outfit has the pizzaz I desperately needed in my life. I go through small fashion crisis every now and again, feeling like I’ve lost it. What do I do when this happens? Bright colours always lift me up – I love getting creative when it comes to colour blocking. I actually sort of wore this outfit last summer (yes, I have a bit of a style archive in my head, partly thanks to Instagram) and I thought I should revisit it with a few new touches!

Blazer, Primark. Top, Uni Qlo. Necklace, H&M. Ring and bracelet on left hand, from Hong Kong. Bracelet on right hand, Urban Outfitters. Shorts, Adam. Clutch, Alphabet Bags. Brogues, Bershka.

Can you tell how much I love candy shades? I hadn’t worn this blazer in so long – it’s one of the few lemon yellow pieces in my wardrobe. I also kinda just realised how my Bershka brogues were made for it (and viceversa).

I’m so in love with my new clutch from Alphabet bags! I came across it on Instagram and couldn’t resist. I’m not the biggest fan of clutches (even though my collection is expanding) and this is sort of advertised as a make-up clutch on the website but it fits just the right amount of things for a walk in the park. Not to mention that it’s a mini ego-boost.

Please excuse the creases! I didn’t realise how bad it was ’till seeing this pictures… Anyway let’s focus on the macaroons! I bought this adorable top last summer, finding out just by chance that Laduree had done a collaboration with Uni Qlo. I love macaroon illustrations more than real macaroons and these are just so pretty – it’s not the most sophisticated top in the world but it’s certainly one of the most cheerful pieces in my wardrobe.

I wore this outfit on Saturday for a stroll in Alexandra Palace – it was a warm but grey day and my outfit did exactly what it was supposed to do, brighten up my day and style.

I like the fact that only one of the pieces is very new and all the others are oldies – I love treasuring my clothes and not being wasteful. 

OK, so it turns out I got some extra time and managed to write this up – so this post will be my last for a while. Toodles!



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