The Weekly Edit

Lips, black and boots – three elements that have been part of my style as of late. This is essentially a Monday to Friday post with a little extra – I decided to include a few more outfits than usual…

February 27 (Thursday): Primark top (new) / Åland skirt (new) / H&M necklace (new) / bimba & lola ring (last seen here) / Lips bracelet, from Hong Kong / Office shoes (oldies) / Bershka bag (new) – full post coming soon

February 28 (Friday): NW3 hat, jumper and belt (new) / Hobbs shirt (new) / Zara skirt (new) / Necklace, from Hong Kong / Whistles and & Other Stories rings / Bag, gift (seen here) / Office boots (first seen here)

March 1 (Saturday): Topshop top (seen here) / Zara skirt / Necklace, from Hong Kong / Office boots / Bag, gift

March 2 (Sunday): Miss Selfridge coat (first seen here) / Forever 21 dress (first seen here) / Hat, Spitalfields market (seen here) / NW3 boots (new – part of my work uniform) / Whistles bag (seen here)

March 3 (Monday): Dorothy Perkins coat (seen here) / Jumper, from Hong Kong / Primark skirt (seen here) and necklace (seen here) / Zara bag (seen here) / NW3 boots 

March 4 (Tuesday): Zara coat (oldie) / Dorothy Perkins jumper (seen here) / Accessorize necklace (seen here) / Zipia skirt (seen here) / Miu Miu bag (seen here) / Office boots

March 5 (Wednesday): Zara coat (new) / Bershka scarf (new) / Miu Miu bag / NW3 boots

March 6 (Thursday): NW3 dress and boots (my work uniform, at work – I’m not always standing around mannequins)

March 7 (Friday): Primark sheer net top (oldie) worn over Topshop vest / Circle skirt (new, from Hong Kong) / Necklace, borrowed from a friend / ASOS coat (seen here) / Hat, Spitalfields market / Monki clutch (new) / Zara shoes (seen here)

March 8 (Saturday): Comme des garçons top (oldie) / Circle skirt / bimba & lola ring / Bag, gift / Zara shoes

Please excuse my inconsistency with the blog at the moment – I hate being a sh*t blogger but sometimes it’s inevitable for real life to take over. This is a small way of making up for it. In my defence, these pictures are proof that I have actually been out and about, hence why my poor blog has been neglected. But the good thing is that this has forced me to make an effort on a daily basis – after feeling stuck in a style rut, it’s great to finally feel pretty pleased with some of my latest looks!

I am currently having a passionate love affair with lips – I have always loved these and especially lipstick mark prints, and have never understood why they’ve not had more of a moment in fashion. This season however I have finally seen quite a few lip-themed pieces on the high-street. I’ve bought four things altogether that have lips, and dug out a few lipsy bits from my wardrobe. My favourite outfit from this bunch is the first one – I went lip crazy and forgot how much fun it is to match! OTT indeed, but so satisfying!

Even though bright colours still dominate my style on a near-enough daily basis, I am starting to become fond of black again. It can be a bit much with my ever-so-slightly olive complexion and super dark hair, but I loved my outfit from last Friday. It was very unplanned (“Oh wow, I’m all dressed in black!”) but there’s a safeness and undeniable sophistication to black that can’t go unnoticed. Plus, I get to add a colourful accessory – I don’t think I could do everything in black.

Yes, a lot of these pieces are new – I shopped like a maniac in Hong Kong and bought a few things in London too. I was disgustingly naughty in January and February but haven’t gone too insane this month – shopping lists will follow shortly…

I promise to get back to regular posting soon – my life has been a bit chaotic lately (in a good way). Also, the weather in London has been surprisingly mild – which means I automatically dress better. A few nice outfit posts should definitely pop up this month…



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