The sweater and the beach

Jumper, shoes (seen here), bag (seen here) and necklace (seen here), all from Hong Kong. Skirt, Primark.

This post is no more than an excuse to daydream about the beach and introduce the most hilarious sweater ever.  I almost screamed when I saw it in a Mong Kok shopping centre – pink, covered in colourful doughnuts, ice cream and cat heads? Hell yeah! It is bizarre and kitsch and wonderful at the same time. Who knows how I’ll feel about it in a few years or even in a few months time, but for now it makes me smile every time I wear it.

It’s soft and, especially, warm – something I didn’t realise until I almost suffocated at the beach. Like I said, no one prepared me for the lovely weather in Hong Kong. Still – the doughnuts, the pink, the ice cream – it all ties in rather nicely with the beach, doesn’t it.

Photographed in Stanley Beach, Hong Kong, on February 1 2014.


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