Je Voudrais S'il Vous Plaît

Believe it or not I’ve only recently picked up on the fact that I love pink jumpers – in the past six months I’ve become the proud owner of six. This one has been the biggest splash of them all, a pure caprice that I welcomed into my life two weeks ago and can’t get enough of…

Sweater, rose gold ring and bracelet, Whistles. Skirt, Åland (seen here). Earrings, Gogo Philip. Ring set, & Other Stories. Necklaceand ring on left hand, vintage. Watch, ASOS. Bag, Daily Dolly (seen here). Shoes, Zara.

Whistles is really starting to have its way with me, even though ninety percent of the time it’s out of my price range. But there was no escaping this dreamy sweatshirt – so painfully hip it hurts. I hate to admit it but I’ve reluctantly yet inevitably fallen victim to the sweater logo trend. What can I say, some people make it so freakin’ cool. So when I laid eyes on this sweater for the first time I knew I would have to kill my wallet for it…

I didn’t want to wait for Whistles’ summer sale (Impatience can get the better of me sometimes) so instead waited for Grazia mag’s biannual 25% off promotion with the brand and treated myself to this guilty pleasure. Even though I love the fit of it, it’s probably not been designed to be tucked in to bottom pieces. I’m not the least bit keen on the whole ‘tucked-out’ trend and prefer to show off my waist, so that’s the only issue I’ve got with this sweater. Other than that, I love it to bits – all I need is a bit of pink and French to feel happy!

I was going to say I went down the safe route by keeping it all black and pink but then ‘safe’ isn’t one of the first words I would use to describe my nail polish bag. One of my best Hong Kong finds (I feel like I keep saying that but this one really is a gem), it’s not only super easy on the eye but surprisingly spacious and versatile. It’s no surprise that it gets a fair amount of attention – some people probably think I’m insane and others hopefully appreciate my somewhat eccentric taste.

Now is a good time to love pink – not just because of all the wonderful (and slightly overwhelming) variety of styles and shades available on the high-street, but also because of all the beautiful cherry blossom trees blossoming around London. These pictures were taken in Ravenscourt Park last weekend, and there was pink in every corner of the place – perfect for a subtle and pretty background match.



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