Covered in Kisses

Sooo I’m kinda obsessed with lips at the moment…

Jumper, Primark. Skirt, Åland. Necklace, H&M. Ring, bimba & lola (seen here). Bracelet, from Hong Kong. Watch, ASOS. Bag, Bershka. Shoes, Office.

There are four things in my wardrobe that I can never have enough of – the main three being animals, leopard print and pink. Even though lips haven’t been as much on the blog as the other three, they’ve always been a steady favourite – not just in the accessories department (as seen here and here) but also when it comes to print, as seen here and here. I don’t feel that lips, however, have had that much of a moment in fashion as they deserve. Every now and again there are some very pretty pieces available, but it tends to be the higher-end brands who feature them and for some reason high-street shops have never picked up this trend so much – until now.

to that dress from Hedi Slimane at YSL (I refuse to call it Saint Laurent) we are
spoilt for choice this spring I have seen sooo many affordable
things that I’m lusting after. This little jumper (It literally is
little – I got it in a size 6) from Primark is a fine example – it’s the
cutest thing ever! It’s girlie but subtle and versatile at the same
time – I’d forgotten how handy a white jumper can be.

I know, I know, I’ve already got a lip bag so how can I justify this one? Well, the other one is pink and this one is red – simples. Just like my pink one, it fits the bare minimum and is perfect for a do-nothing/walk in the park kinda day.

These shoes are actually from quite a while back, I can’t even remember the year I bought them from Office (2010?). I’ve never given them the attention they deserve but it’s been nice to rediscover them – now is the right time!

Once again I went a bit cuckoo with matching – I just couldn’t resist and it felt so right!

These pictures were taken about a month ago now (my look was first seen here), and it was sadly a little warmer back then than it is now. Not fair! My love for lips however is only growing, with or without warm weather.



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