The Hong Kong Diaries: An Overview

Hong Kong is a three
dimensional city – I felt like I was in the future. Like London, It’s
undoubtedly driven by consumerism – but damn, it’s impossible not to feel
incredibly drawn to those flashing lights illuminating the crazy busy streets.
This is definitely a city of lights. It might be skyscraper heaven but I
was lucky enough to see plenty of the glorious countryside too. Not to mention
the fact that I was incredibly lucky with the weather. For the three weeks that
I was there, it was sunny and on average 17 degrees. 

My trip coincided with
Chinese New Year. Boy, do the Chinese know how to celebrate. The
Flower Market in Victoria Park was mad but so worth seeing – as well as a
few beautifully colourful flower stalls, students were frantically selling an
adorable variety of cushions, toys and more paraphernalia like there was no
tomorrow. Believe me, no one can sell like the Chinese do. 

One of the highlights
from this trip was defying my vertigo with a cable car session in order to see
the incredible Buddha and his lady friends in the village of Ngong Ping. That
scary yet impressive 15-minute ride was worth it – what a beautiful piece
of work! 

My favourite areas? It
would be hard to choose between New Territories and Hong Kong Island, since
both are amazing. The Island, which reminded me ever so slightly of London’s
Canary Wharf, has a more western feel but both places have got so much to offer
when it comes to shopping and culture. If anything, I will never forget walking
along New Territories’ harbour at night – yes, it’s touristy as hell but seeing
Hong Kong Island at night is a pleasure I don’t think anyone should ever tire
of. On my second night, I had a cocktail in Hong Kong ‘s Aqua with a breathtaking
view, and that’s when it all really sank in: “I’m in Hong Kong”. It
was heaven.



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