The Hong Kong Diaries: Food Heaven

Yep, I stuffed my face for the three weeks that I was in Hong Kong – and loved every minute of it. I’ve never considered myself much of a foodie since I would probably make Gordon Ramsay cry if he were ever to test out my undeveloped taste buds. But there’s nothing I love more than going out for a meal – yes, I enjoy it even more than the act of shopping. So when I say that everything tastes SOOO much better in Hong Kong, it’s worth believing. Dim Sum/Yum Cha was amazing, sushi was A-MA-ZING (I know it’s Japanese but I haven’t been to Japan so I’d pick Hong Kong-made sushi over British-made sushi any time), pastry in any form was amazing and everything else was, surprise, amazing too. 

Hong Kong is a great place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. As you can see from the pictures, the desserts were insane. Insanely wonderful. Waffles are popular in Hong Kong, which was good news for me since so many desserts included waffles presented in the most incredible of ways. It’s a good thing I don’t live in Hong Kong because I would probably spend too much time in places like Lucky Dessert, Sweet Tooth, Twelve Cupcakes and Kisses, as well as my new favourite restaurant, Full House. They should SOOO open one here in London! Funnily enough though, I’d say I prefer British cupcakes over Hong Kong cupcakes – probably because they are much more unhealthy and full of fatness!

I know it’s hard to tell from the pictures, but I did have my healthy moments in Hong Kong. I discovered mini bananas (so freakin’ cute) and got to go satsuma picking in the mountains. The taste of these satsumas, while on the bitter side, felt authentic. I had a processed one straight after having one of my mountain picks and the difference was terrible – I stuck to the natural ones for the rest of my trip.

My three fondest food memories will be having an amazingly sweet bread-bun hybrid (the literal translation from Cantonese would be ‘salty fried bread’, and bizarrely I’ve had it before in Spain), enjoying the beautifully simple yet delicious toasted buns covered in a milky cream for breakfast and especially, my beloved buns, or bao as they’re called in Cantonese. I first discovered custard buns here in London, but the ones in Hong Kong are divine. These buns come in all shapes and fillings – the pork ones are yummy too, and I had a go at some pretty lilac ones too (with a sweet but more subtle taste than the custard ones). My absolute favourite, however, is still the custard one. Not sure how I’m going to manage without them…



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