Life so far

Hello blog world – what can I say, I never meant to be gone for so long. I didn’t get a chance to finish my Christmas window displays series because despite being a relatively frequent traveller, I ended up being completely unorganised for what could easily be the holiday of my life. A few months ago I decided to go to Hong Kong for three weeks. It was my second time out of Europe and my first time in Asia. I have to admit that I am ashamed to have left a trip like this for my late twenties. I now, more than ever, believe that people should really jump at the chance to travel as far as they can from their comfort zones. In many ways it was intimidating and overwhelming, but overall fascinating and eye-opening. Unsurprisingly, I cannot wait to go back.


One blog post isn’t going to be enough – so I apologise in advance for the Hong Kong bombarding I am about to begin. I actually got back over two weeks ago and had every intention of blogging ever since. However, I’ve not only had a mild case of blogger’s block but also struggled to find the time to do so after realising I was missing it like crazy. Speaking of the act itself of blogging, my blog turned four this month. Lack of blogging motivation happens every now and again, but after four years I can still say that I love it and have no intention of quitting it any time soon. It’s great to be back.



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