Harvey Nichols’ Christmas 2013 Window Display

Next up in my mini series of Christmas window displays is Harvey Nichols – I remember not being so wowed at the time that I took these pictures, but looking back at them now I kinda feel like these were actually quite beautiful window displays! The concept was probably something along the lines of fallen angels (OK not necessarily fallen but it adds a dramatic effect) and shooting stars/lights/snowflakes. Just like at Liberty, there were also many little object arrangements – this is either a really big trend in window displays at the moment or something that I’m only just picking up on now. However, I didn’t find all the bits and bobs as interesting as the mannequin angels so I decided to bombard you guys just with the true stars of the show (no pun intended)…

I think it would have made sense for all of the mannequins to have wings – why couldn’t they all be angels? In any case, I felt they were all rather fabulously styled and effortlessly cool. I liked how the side windows – which are very often not very interesting – on the store’s right hand side (left for the passers-by) were just as stylishly consistent as the front ones; the two last photographs are side windows. The star-snowflake hybrids were actually really pretty – and yet I’d say the overall effect was subdued. That’s far from a bad thing – if anything, it’s actually quite an achievement. The angels may have had statement outfits and ever so slightly OTT wings but it all felt very subtle and elegant, possibly thanks to the darkness surrounding the light. And doesn’t this tie in with Harvey Nichols’ ethos perfectly? To summarize, not my absolute favourite but still gets a big stamp of approval.



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