Window Display Snippets

I’m a sucker for all things cute, so it’s no wonder that all these displays caught my eye whilst being out and about in London the past few weeks…

Belt shop in St. Christopher’s Place: Admittedly I can’t remember which shop this was, but surprisingly it might have been a belt shop called Elliot Rhodes… I know, that doesn’t make any sense at all when you look at this adorable window display. Super girlie cupcakes? A painfully cute gingerbread man, lady and snowman? It feels like Sugarville reloaded! I would automatically assume it’s a bakery…

Children’s shop in Knightsbridge: I might not remember the name of this place but I’ll never forget the beautiful window display showcasing impressively cute soft toys, which complemented the shop’s interiors perfectly (it was full of soft toys as well as clothes). The effect was almost dreamlike.

Loro Piana in Knightsbridge: I find it interesting how a relatively luxurious Italian menswear label would choose to do something this playful and almost childlike. I don’t know if the effect they were going for was sweet but that’s how I find it – how adorable is the little Vespa? Maybe it’s a call out for the ladies? Or maybe it’s the straightforward ‘boys and their toys’ idea – aren’t cars and Vespas are men’s favourite toys? In any case, let’s face it – it’s cute.

Roberto Cavalli in Knightsbridge: Animals and glitter? This could only work in a Roberto Cavalli context. How glitter-tastic is this display? I think I lost all interest in glitter at the age of 5 (not even Ke$ha could reignite the passion) but damn, this made me love glitter all over again for a good few minutes! It’s tacky, excessive and fabulous – just like the Cavalli brand. How amazing is the rabbit? He’d be perfect for my imaginary mantelpiece. 

Christmas is probably the best time of the year for window displays – I still need to see what Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges have got up to this time around! I won’t manage to do a post on these biggies before Christmas but stay tuned for a nostalgic look-back after the big day!



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