The Monday to Friday Edit #21

Merry Christmas peeps! I’m sure it’s OK to say that since many of you are probably still in a jolly mood or on holiday at least. I myself got back to London last night after visiting my loved ones for a great yet brief break in my hometown in Spain – it’s an absolute miracle I made it considering the number of flights cancelled in London this week, thank God! 

I flew out on Monday and came back yesterday, and it’s these kinds of mini holidays which make me wonder whether I am a true fashionista. Most fashionistas wouldn’t even dream of travelling with just one handbag and one pair of shoes, right? Well, that’s exactly what I did. I can’t be bothered with checking in my luggage – time is of the essence and I like to get out ASAP, which means that yes, in these situations I will sacrifice a bit of style for practicality. Big emphasis on the ‘a bit‘ though!

Monday: NW3 cardigan (seen here) and shorts (seen here) /
Hobbs top (new) / Accessorize necklace (seen here) / Zipia coat (last seen here) / Whistles clutch (seen here) /
Zara shoes (first seen here)

Tuesday: Hobbs shirt (a/w ’12) / Primark skirt (seen here) / Bangles, gift / Whistles clutch / Zara shoes

Wednesday (morning): Coat, Christmas present / Gogo Philip earrings (seen here) / Whistles clutch / Zara shoes (full post coming soon)

Wednesday (afternoon & evening): Primark dress (seen here) / Necklace, Christmas present / ASOS watch / Zara shoes / Hat, borrowed from Santa

Thursday: NW3 sweater (seen here) / Primark skirt / Necklace, Christmas present / bimba and lola ring (last seen here) / Whistles clutch / Zara shoes (full post coming soon)

Friday: Lacoste jumper (new) / Primark skirt / Aldo earrings / Accessorize necklace / ASOS watch / Bangles, gift / Bag, Christmas present / Zara shoes

I essentially lived in my Primark skirt and Zara shoes for a week, and only managed to give my Whistles clutch a day’s rest because a tartan rucksack was one of my Christmas gifts – more on this little dude some other time! Also, I seriously want to learn how to do airport chic – what’s the trick? Loose, comfy clothes that look effortlessly cool too? A great pair of sunglasses? I guess this kind of stuff isn’t vital for a 1-hour-30-minutes flight…

One of my favourite looks from this week was Christmas day – if only we could wear Santa hats all year without looking like loonies! I managed to get a few outfit pics taken too, so this post is a bit of a preview of what’s to come!



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