The forgotten shirt

My wardrobe, which is in desperate need of a HUGE spring clean, is literally spilling out. What’s worse, this mess is making me forget about many pretty pieces which haven’t had as much attention as they should. This shirt is a fine example – I bought it about a year ago and have barely worn it. I only remembered it a few days ago because I spotted it on a blogger’s Instagram account. I realised it was time to come to the rescue…

Shirt, H&M. Jeans, NW3 (seen here). Earrings, New Look (seen here). Watch, ASOS. Ring, Cos. Bag, Zara (seen here). Shoes, Marks & Spencer (seen here).

Remember the scarf print trend? I was never really convinced, even though Lady Gaga kinda rocked it in her video “The Edge of Glory.” But I was immediately attracted to this shirt, finding the print sooo alluring. I also thought it looked really luxurious and not £14.99 (it might have been less).

I have to admit that I’ve not worn it much just because of my wardrobe swallowing everything as of late – the colour proved to be a headache. I love navy but damn, life with navy is hard when you don’t wear jeans! I thought I could wear it with my burgundy pleated skirt or navy jersey skirt, but neither of them really worked – sadly my shirt ended up in fashion oblivion. Fast forward one year later and I’ve shockingly become the owner of a pair of jeans, which happen to go oh-so-perfectly with LOTS. OF. THINGS. Including this shirt.

My shirt has finally had its 15 minutes of fame – it only took a year!

I still lack creativity when it comes to matching navy with other colours – hence why red is my first go-to choice.

Talk about a blast from the past! I found myself feeling super excited to rekindle my romance with my first red coat, first seen here and not worn in way too long! Back then, I think I referred to it as having a Robin Hood touch – today I got told I looked a little Father Christmassy. Well that’s season appropriate! 

These pictures indeed were taken today (once again I’m on the ball) with my humble iPhone 4s, as my big camera is on holiday at the moment. I got a bit carried away when using my second favourite app Pic Tap & Go, so please excuse the slight oddness of the colours! In any case my phone didn’t do too bad of a job – it’s good to know I’ve got a little backup camera not just for my Monday to Friday posts.



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