The coat and the beach

Coat, Christmas gift. Skirt (just seen), Primark. Clutch, Whistles. Shoes, Zara.

This was my Christmas. I woke up, had breakfast, opened up my presents under the tree, and went for a walk on the beach wearing one of my presents – this was followed by a delicious meal with family friends in the afternoon and evening, but let’s focus on the beach. This was a first for me – the first time I’ve been on a beach covered in winter layers, and the first time I’ve been on a beach on Christmas day. It was amazing.

It also wasn’t planned, but the sun was shining like crazy and people were even surfing, so my mum and I couldn’t resist a glimpse of the wild waves. Definitely not the usual kind of setting for showcasing a new coat, but despite the blazing sun rays it was still chilly and very evidently winter.

And as for the coat, my mum had already told me I was getting a pink coat for Christmas (no beating around the bush in our family, at least not during Christmas anyway). It was still a surprise when I unwrapped it, and even though it’s not something I would usually go for, I embraced it. Firstly, I love the fact that my mum instantly fell in love with it and decided to take the risk (because for my mum to have to buy anything fashion-related for a cuckoo head like me is always a risk), and secondly, what’s not to love about a fuchsia pink coat?! I have to admit that for some reason wearing it whilst being on the beach made me love it to bits…

 I love a good big pocket!

There is a very Italian-looking name on the coat’s label but I don’t know the brand – my mum bought it in a privately owned boutique near where we live. Which makes it all the more special and rather unique! The style is a little sixties I’m guessing. My mum said it was like something Jackie O would wear – if only! It’s a little big on me but that’s all good since it is finally starting to get chilly and layering will soon be de rigour.

And here is when the true cheesiness comes in! What can I say, these pictures are part of a memory that I will treasure forever. Moments like these make me appreciate my hometown just a little more, and are a good reminder that clothes really can mean something special.


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