Birthday treats (or an imaginary gift guide)

Considering it was my Birthday almost two months ago this post comes ridiculously late – but then I thought it could serve as an imaginary gift guide in case there are any of you doing some last-minute Christmas shopping (I don’t blame you, I’m all about last minute) and are in need of a little inspiration…

For the beauty-buff wannabe who likes to try new things: Apart from pastels, I only stick to red and pink for my nails, so I was thrilled when my flatmate got me a colour that’s completely different to what I have. Sometimes it’s just easier to step out of one’s comfort zone when pushed by others!

For the girl who loves meaningful touches: My flatmate also got me this adorable little heart necklace. Maybe it’s ’cause it’s small and a heart, but it automatically has great sentimental value.

For the jumper lover who always stays warm: Practical and pretty – it doesn’t get better than that (outfit post here). 

For the fashionista with a love of bling: You can’t go wrong with a pair of earrings from the haute store that is & Other Stories (seen here) – success guaranteed!

For the lady who likes pearls but doesn’t want to look old-fashioned: After seeing the amazing “Pearls” exhibition at the V&A a day or two after my Birthday, there was no way I couldn’t take a souvenir home with me – thankfully my mum agreed (seen here).

For the busy bee who’s organised and never has a hair out of place (and loves pugs): I almost screamed when I opened up these presents from my dear work colleague – the notebook pug is amazing! The brushes are awesome too – I take the Sephora one with me everywhere (a ‘pop-up’ travel brush with a mirror, genius!) so I definitely have no excuse for having a hair out of place!

For the cutest of your friends who lives in Sugarville: My friend, who is pretty observant of my style (for good and bad – she’ll always be honest) gave me this beautiful Bambi brooch (seen briefly here) and flower earrings. They deserve a post of their own!

For the girl with a taste of exotic and colourful jewellery: My friend also gave me these statement yet elegant earrings – they’re the perfect match for my Ted Baker shorts!

For the party girl who does everything in style: My other flatmate came up with the most original present ever! This beautiful flask reminds me that I need to go out and party again – not just once, but loads of times!

For the girl who loves a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget: Afternoon tea! One of Britain’s most popular forms of entertainment, and this year I finally learned why. It is, quite truly, an absolute delight – my friend knew I would go bananas not only on Instagram but in real life too.

For every girl on the planet: My friend has had to listen to me bang on about Chanel bags for over three years – this beauty (seen here and here) has definitely made me shut up.

I do hope that this post can be in some little way useful – if not, well, I simply couldn’t not showcase my lovely Birthday presents. Hope you all have a lovely, stress-free Christmas with good food, even better company and a few presents that you all wished for – I shall resume back to blogging either at the end of this week or at the beginning of next week, toodles!



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