The Monday to Saturday Edit

Yep, I’ve spiced up my usual Monday to Friday section a little – mainly because I didn’t manage to get a picture taken on Wednesday! But also because this weekend just gone was a very special one…

Monday: NW3 jacket (July Shopping list) and belt / Hobbs sweater (seen here) / Zara skirt (new) / Primark scarf and shoes (seen here) / Longchamp bag (seen here) / Accessorize earrings (seen here) / ASOS watch

Tuesday: Warehouse jacket (seen here and here) / H&M necklace (new) / Primark dress (seen here) / NW3 belt (seen here) / Zara bag and shoes

Thursday: H&M dress / NW3 belt / Primark bag and shoes / Accessorize ring / ASOS watch / Zara umbrella (full post here)

Friday: New Look jacket (first seen here) / Luella t-shirt / River Island skirt (seen here) / Melissa for Vivienne Westwood shoes / Roxy travel bag

Saturday (by day): Hobbs cardigan (seen here) / NW3 t-shirt (seen here) / River Island skirt / Zara bag / Melissa for Vivienne Westwood shoes

Saturday (night): Primark dress (June Shopping list, seen here) / Gogo Phillip earrings (seen here) / Zara shoes – full post coming soon

So why do I appear to be on the go in my Friday pic and looking like a proud and sloppy tourist on some apparently deserted train tracks in my Saturday pic? Well that’s because I once again got to be a tourist last weekend – I went to Ireland for a friend’s engagement party. The stay was unbearably short but sweet – I am part Irish (who could tell!) and hadn’t been to Ireland in years. I cannot wait to go back – it’s one of my wishes for 2014!

Note to self: must remember to come up with stylish AND comfortable outfits when travelling – or else will end up looking like a slob, as seen in Friday and Saturday’s pics. The previous effort I made for M├ílaga (see my first August posts) seems like a waste when looking at these pics. As you can see, airport chic is not really my forte – this is an art that I am yet to master, despite travelling all my life. Should I look for some Sienna Miller airport snapshots circa 2006? At least I’ve got a funky heart print bag – nothing beats that, right?



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