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I have a confession to make: I find it easy to pack outfits for a holiday. If I put my mind to it, I can decide which pieces are going to go in my suitcase within a few minutes. This probably doesn’t make me much of a fashionista, does it. I have another confession to make: I find it extremely difficult to pack jewellery, bags and shoes for a holiday. I hate not being able to bring along my entire jewellery collection and a different pair of shoes for every outfit, as well as having to choose just one bag. It kills me. I usually pack the chosen garments quite a few days before a trip, but when it comes to the accessories department, I usually leave all of that for the last minute – mainly because I can’t face such life-changing decisions.

Why do I put myself through these torturous situations, you wonder? At the end of the day, it’s all down to money – I am lucky enough to be able to travel frequently, thanks to budget airlines. And we have all experienced or at least heard about the wonders of travelling with a budget airline – tight-ass luggage restrictions. I honestly can’t remember the last time I checked in a big(ish) suitcase – I’ve been sticking to the 55x40x20cm size for what feels like a lifetime now (Thank God I’m not a beauty buff – the 100ml restriction would kill me).

So until I become (or marry) a billionaire, one bag and one or two pairs of shoes will have to suffice. And jewellery? Well, thankfully jewellery doesn’t take up too much space, so I can have just a little more freedom in that department. Here are the bits and bobs that came along with me to Málaga…



55x20x40=11for what feels like a lifetime now (Thank God I’m not a beauty buff – 100ml limit would kill me)



55x20x40=11for what feels like a lifetime now (Thank God I’m not a beauty buff – 100ml limit would kill me)

Jumpsuit, seen here.

The lemon earrings: I got these from Italian brand I am in my home town last year and have barely worn them, probably because I don’t live in a hot country. They really are holiday earrings – bright, summery and the perfect complement to beach hair and a blazing sun.

The small necklace and gold bangles: This tiny little sun pendant has tremendous sentimental value – my father gave it to me about 17 (or more) years ago. Plus, it’s real gold – actually valuable. Yay! I’ve had this set of bangles from Accessorize for years and it never fails to do the job, which is to add that little bit of extra pizzaz. Not to mention it has a total holiday vibe.

The statement cream necklace: This necklace (July Shopping list) statement is proving to be pretty damn close to perfect. I love the colour – its neutral shade allows it go with everything! It glams up the dullest of t-shirts and dresses, making it the perfect add-on for simple holiday looks.

The bag, bracelet and rings: I thought I would bring this bag with me as I’ve barely used it, ever since I bought it for a mere £6 in Zara’s sale last summer. It was the perfect choice – super easy to match and the perfect balance between casual and smart. The rings are & Other Stories finds (June Shopping list) that I felt would go perfectly with the dress in the picture (outfit post coming soon). The bracelet (seen here, here and here) is from Whistles, a place that I rarely shop at but do treat myself to some of their accessories every now and again.

The statement earrings: Well, what can I say – one should never travel without a pair of flashy gold earrings. These are (relative) oldies from Primark, I adore the shape of them.

The ice cream necklace: Another travel essential! Part of my June Shopping list, I got to wear it for the first time in Málaga. 

The ring and wooden bangle: I shouldn’t really travel with this ring because I would die if I lost it – my mum gave me this ring and it’s one of my most cherished jewellery pieces. The New Look bangle was such a great buy (June Shopping list) – it’s just the perfect holiday bangle!

The triangle necklace: I like the subtleness of this necklace by ASOS – it makes a quiet statement.  

The ethnic earrings: I guess I naturally gravitate towards slightly ethnic/exotic pieces when choosing what to take with me on holiday, regardless of whether the destination is exotic or not, like this pair from Aldo (seen here).

The hat: Silly me forgot to bring my two main summer hats (seen here and here), but thankfully this cutie protected me from the sun and is also a nice souvenir from the south of Spain.

The colourful bangles and ring: These are Accessorize oldies that I almost never wear nowadays, but I always remember to dig them out when it’s summer. The ring (possibly first seen here) is a Forever 21 classic, I’ve had it for two summers and I still love it.

The sandals: Bought last year in the Kurt Geiger branch in Manchester airport just before flying to Ibiza, I have to admit I don’t like them as much as I did last year. I’ve come to the conclusion that I simply don’t like foot exposure and sandals, and when the day comes in which I’ll have to buy a new pair (because I still believe feet should breathe), I will go for a super simple, barely there style. Until then, these will do – the colour is still a winner and they are very comfortable.

So there you have it, this is how I deal with my accessories dilemma when travelling. Less is more? Nah, less is a bore – hence the jewellery overload!



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