The animal print series: the bunny dress and a cupcake

Dress, H&M. Bolero, Hobbs (seen here). Bag (seen here) and shoes (seen here), Primark. Belt, NW3 (seen here). Earrings, New Look (seen here). Ring, Accessorize (seen here). Watch, ASOS.

This dress didn’t take much convincing – put some bunnies on anything and the chances are I’ll be sold within seconds. I bought it from H&M last year during their summer sale – if I remember correctly they had done quite a few bunny-printed pieces early on in the year, so when I spotted this for £10 (or maybe less?) I didn’t think twice. Well, a year on I do tend to think twice, and I’m not sure if this is something I would buy now. Not because of the print – you can’t say no to bunnies – but more because of the style…

I’ve never been much of a shirt-dress kinda girl – as evidenced on this blog, my wardrobe is stuffed with short-sleeved skater-style dresses, no buttons involved. In that sense, this dress is very different from my other ones. There are shirt-dresses and shirt-dresses – this one reminds me ever-so-slightly of what curvy Italian housewives used to (or still?) wear. The size is a bit of an issue as well – I could have done with a smaller size (but you take what you get in the sale, isn’t it), so a belt is mandatory and I end up feeling like I really need to dress up this piece to not feel… how can I put this, sloppy?

But just so we’re clear, I do appreciate this dress (all is forgiven thanks to the bunnies). A huge plus? It’s got pockets. It’s not something I think about when I get a new dress, but damn, just how awesome is it when nice dresses do have pockets?

And check out my prop skills! It’s been too long since I’ve had cupcakes on the blog so how could I not include this yummy little thing? These pictures were taken last Thursday, after a failed cupcake hunt. Well, not so failed after all – I’m anti animal-mixing but those pink butterflies match the pink bunnies on my dress rather perfectly, non?

In case you’re wondering, this little vanilla treasure was from a small but cute little cupcake cafe in London’s Covent Garden area, Sweet Couture. What attracted me about it was seeing my all time favourite colour combo rolled into a delectable cupcake – I will have to make a point of wearing mint and pink next time I go cupcake hunting!

This is the expression I have when I come across cupcakes, and what I like to do on my days off – walk around the city in a cute dress with a good friend and a cupcake in my hand. There’s not really anything more satisfying than summer strolls like these in the city!


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