Wedding snippets

I got to be a bridesmaid!

An adorable cupcake

The wedding cake

Me and the maid of honour/my dear friend

Wedding dessert

My bouquet

Sweetness overdose (a piece of the cake!)

The bride’s bouquet

Last Friday was my first wedding in 12 years. It was my first wedding as a ‘grown-up’ (not entirely sure if I’ve earned the right to call myself that). And, most importantly, it was my first wedding as a bridesmaid. I got to wear a long magenta dress and carry pretty flowers around with me all day, which made me feel like a bit of a princess. My smiling skills were put to the test with the on-going photography sessions – I really am a champion when it comes to holding a smile for minutes in a row. Although in all honesty, it would have been harder for me not to smile, since it was a truly lovely day. Being the cynic that I am can be exhausting, and it was great to feel like a hopeless romantic for a change. And here comes the cheesy bit: seeing two people make such a huge commitment made me want to believe in love all over again. It made me want to believe that anyone and everyone (even me!) can find someone who loves every single side to them – the good, the bad and the damn right ugly. It also made want to get married on the beach. No, the wedding wasn’t on the beach, but in a beautiful manor house in Sussex – however, a beach wedding has always been a secret fantasy of mine that now I can say out loud and proud. I should go to weddings more often!



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