April Shopping List

I’ve been bad this month. Very bad. Three bags, lots of earrings and knitwear that I didn’t exactly need. So without further ado (and with my head held down in shame), I present the latest additions to my wardrobe…

1. Miss Selfridge earrings and 2./3./4. and 5. Aldo earrings (bought on 01/04) These were wedding potentials. Yes, I panicked and felt like I didn’t have any earrings to wear for my friend’s big day when I actually have hundreds of them. Ah, the joys of being a woman.

6. Forever 21 earrings (bought on 03/04) These ended up being the winners for the big day – not that they were visible, as my ‘do was covering them completely. Still, I love them to bits! It’s an understatement to say they’re a statement pair.

7. NW3 cardigan (bought on 04/04, seen here) I’d been wanting this cardigan since January or December even, so when it went down 50% in the sale I couldn’t resist. Considering a lot of the time I don’t spend more than £5 on a cardi this was mighty expensive, but worth every penny.

8. Miss Selfridge rucksack (bought on 08/04, seen here and here) A godsend – I’d been on the lookout for a perfect black rucksack for aaaages! It was near the £40 mark when I first spotted it, so I decided to leave it – a week later it went down to £18. Fate, anyone?

9. Primark dress (bought on 13/04) One of the bargains of the month, if not the bargain – found for £3 on a reduced rail. Isn’t it a hell of a cutie? Can’t go wrong with a bit of lace and cream.

10. A|Wear jumper (bought on 14/04, seen here) A bit of a whim but how could I resist those giant lips?

11. ASOS mittens (bought on 14/04) These mittens had been on my ASOS radar for months. It’s (hopefully) going to be a while before they get some use but since they went down to £3.50 in the sale, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead…

12. Primark blazer (bought on 15/04, seen here) As previously stated, I couldn’t really justify this buy. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m not going to wear it much.

13. Next bag (bought on 20/04, seen here) This was a shock find in Next. A piece of monochrome perfection, no less. So how do I justify this bag? Well, I don’t have many real leather bags…

14. H&M dress (bought on 26/04) My new holiday star piece and colour crush, all in one.

15. Next necklace (bought on 18/04) / 16. H&M top / 17. H&M skirt and 18. Bershka clutch (last three bought on 26/04) Almost all bought on the same day, I later realised these pieces could form an outfit. The top (I still like peplum) was £5 and the skirt was £1 – gotta love H&M’s sale. The clutch ticks all the right boxes – it’s reignited my love of perspex and it’s pink.

19. Balloon dog necklace via Etsy (bought on 09/04) Since Ted Baker’s gold version is a little too pricey, I did some Google research and found the amazing shop by Silly Lilliput on Etsy. Get this – you can choose which colour you’d like your balloon dog in. Unsurprisingly, I went for mint. It’s really been the buy of the month – as well as being ridiculously adorable it’s also really unique, which gives it that extra special touch.

20. Primark top (bought on 27/04) Let’s face it, this top is so me. Pretty collar, NOT a see-through fabric, mint. Plus, it was £3 – not much to think about there.

21. NW3 t-shirt & 22. NW3 skirt (bought on 27/04) These are two things I needed as I was desperate for a new work uniform. The bunnies t-shirt was a no-brainer; the skirt, however, is still making me doubt. It’s along the lines of Little House on the Prairie meets… actually it’s really just Little House on the Prairie. Even for me, it might be one step too cute.

23. Primark flats (bought on 28/04) I love studded flats and until I can treat myself to a pair of Louboutins, these ones will have to do.

24. Primark cardigan (bought on 28/04) Well hello again, Miss grunge. I straight away fell in love with this cardigan. It was mainly the charcoal shade that got me but also the slightly oversize feel and overall coolness that it exudes. I was willing to pay the full £8 but got a nice surprise at the till when I found out it had gone down to £3.

25. Primark jacket (bought on 29/04) My first yellow blazer ever, it’s the same as my pink blazer. The fit is great so I didn’t see a problem in getting the same blazer in another colour – just like sensible older ladies do…

Wow. On average an item a day. It’s pretty much a miracle I didn’t buy anything today. It’s been a hell of a good month in most ways (April is my favourite month), although not a good one for my bank account. Reminding myself how much I actually love everything I bought and pointing out that many of them were wonderfully reduced is not enough. My aims for the month of May? To re-learn the (huge) difference between wanting and needing. To give myself a highly sensible budget. To avoid Primark at all costs. May has to be a good month not only for me but for my purse as well, although it’s going to be tricky – I’ve already got a mental shopping list going…


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