March Shopping List

I’m starting a new section on the blog – my monthly shopping list! This will help me keep track of all my expenses and hopefully stop me from shopping too much, not just for the sake of doe but also because knowing exactly how many items I’ve bought in one month instantly makes me feel ashamed and want to shop much less! As much as I enjoy taking pics of my latest bits and bobs, fingers crossed the list won’t be this long next month… so what’s been pushing my buttons this March? It’s mainly all about the accessories…


1. ASOS orange belt (bought on 03/03) I basically woke up one morning and realised I needed an orange belt in my life – I’ll be teaming it with cobalt blue this spring/summer.

2. Aldo lip clutch bag (bought on 10/03) I was gutted when I didn’t manage to get my hands on the red version of this bag, but fluorescent pink will definitely fill the hole left in my heart.

3. Primark bird necklace (bought on 11/03, blogged about here) I can’t believe I only bought it this month, I feel like I’ve had it for ages!


4. Primark jersey dress (bought on 12/03) At £5, I think it should definitely be considered the bargain of the month. I am dying to wear it, but waiting for nude-tights-friendly weather…

5. Warehouse earrings and 6. Roam at New Look earrings (both bought on 20/03) I am falling in love with hoop earrings all over again…


7. Miss Selfridge trench coat (bought on 20/03) This was the splurge of the month – I have two pink trench coats (one seen here) and felt it was about time to invest in a classic beige shade. Outfit post coming soon!

8. Roy Lichtenstein tote bag (bought on 21/03) Seeing Lichtenstein’s retrospective at Tate Modern was the cultural highlight of the month for me, since he’s always been one of my favourite painters. This tote bag is my latest obsession, I don’t like being a bag lady but I actually look for a reason to carry it along with whichever day-to-day bag I’m using.

9. Primark necklace (bought on 26/03) I was actually really surprised when I spotted this necklace in Primark, it looks very pretty and surprisingly well made, and could easily be from any other high-street store.

10. Hobbs belt (bought on 29/03) It’s yet again going to be all about pastels this summer, and I’ve found a new colour to obsess about: lemon yellow. This modest little thing is just the start…

11. Accessorize scarf (bought on 29/03) It’s got bees. And daisies. It was an impulse buy but I love it to bits and can’t wait to style it up with my Hobbs belt – after all, I can’t resist a bit of matchy-matchy.

12. Primark socks (bought on 30/03) These go to show just how much I’m loving pastel shades and how desperate I am for Spring. I am planning on wearing them with my cream brogues when the time is right (who knows when that will happen!).

So there you have it – my naughty buys for the month of March revealed. And yes, I got Instagram. And yes, I’m OBSESSED. Enough said.



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