In memory of the swallow blouse

This post is going to make me sad – and I had to stop myself from writing that last word in big letters. It makes me sad because this blouse is now dead. It died the day these pictures were taken, nearly three weeks ago (Back then the sun decided to make a guest appearance in London, and it was pleasantly mild, much better than this past week). Completely out of the blue, one of the sleeves ripped brutally, ending up with a terrible hole that I highly doubt can be fixed in any way. Yep, I feel pretty devastated about it – this blouse has been one of my favourite items ever, and I really wasn’t ready to say goodbye to it just yet…

I got this blouse at the end of 2011 as part of my work uniform. And that might be why it has come to such a nasty ending – I did wear it a lot for a good few months. How could I not? I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it, it had to be mine. The puffy, sheer sleeves, the subtle yet beautiful swallow silhouettes, the pussy bow… everything about it was essentially perfect. Only fault? The length of it could be have been longer (as that would make it perfect for tucking it into bottoms), but overall it really was the blouse of my dreams.

I could try to console myself by remembering that my L.K. Bennett blouse is relatively similar, but I don’t think anything can replace this piece. Whenever I’d wear it I’d indeed feel very elegant and lady-like, but there’s a charm about it that makes it a true statement piece and more than just a simple pussy bow blouse.

I loved wearing it with my green skirt from New Look, bought last year (I think?) for 4 pounds in the sale!

The masquerade ring was a surprising find at Bershka – I’ve noticed their jewellery before and whilst they generally have had some pretty cool bits, I think they’ve really stepped it up this season with some statement-like, quirky pieces – I got this one last month and I really wanted to get lots of other jewellery bits!

Blouse and belt, NW3. Jacket (seen here) and skirt, New Look. Coat (seen here), Dorothy Perkins. Bag, Miu Miu. Ring, Bershka. Watch, ASOS. Boots, Primark.

Once more, and, dare I say that rather non-nonchalantly, I mixed all sorts of animal species for this look, wearing my animal-still-unknown faux fur DP coat over my faux leather New Look jacket – both outerwear pieces worn over a swallow print blouse. How very naughty of me, but boy, was I feeling cosy and pretty smug about my not-so-bad-after-all layering skills!

It’s been pretty painful having to write about this blouse in the past tense. It’s still in my wardrobe – I doubt I’ll have the emotional strength to actually dispose of it. It sucks because I feel like I always took care of it, even if I wore it lots – it’s silk and I thoroughly followed the washing instructions (totally worth a trip to the dry cleaners). I might just have to see if I can get someone to fix the horrible hole, even if it’s just to get a few more wears out of it. Yep, I get attached to my clothes, but hey, isn’t it right to feel appreciative about things that make our day-to-day lives just a little more beautiful?



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