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Apparently grey doesn’t suit me – more than one person has informed me about this. Having said that, it’s one of my favourite colours when it comes to dressing. It’s not got that ‘wear me any time’ vibe that I get with other colours like red, pink or green, but I’ve always admired its easy simplicity and neutral nature. It’s similar to navy in the sense that it’s a little less harsher than black and subtly versatile.

I have a confession to make: despite falling madly in love with this jacket from New Look the minute I spotted it last month, I did wish for it to come in black. I have an extremely similar jacket from Warehouse which is actually real suede (this one is suedette) – I must stop buying things that are practically identical to things that I already have. Had it come in black I would have found it so much easier to justify this piece – however, my excuse is that I will use this one more in order to preserve the one that’s the real deal.

 It’s probably the colour that gives it even more character, black can be a little predictable at times…

 I’m not normally a fan of waterfall collars but it works wonders on this jacket…

This jumper makes me sad – I usually remember when I bought stuff, and yet I’m clueless about this one. I think it must be from autumn 2010, if not 2009. I love it to bits but the strange crinkly effect is what happened to it after I popped it into the washing machine. I wish I could convince myself that this has actually given it a bit of edge and character, but I can’t help but miss its former smoothness. Still, it served as a valuable lesson (read the instructions on care labels) and the fit has stayed great – oddly enough it didn’t shrink, and it’s even got shoulder pads!

This necklace is a scream! How could I resist such an assortment of animals? As nervous as I get when mixing different animals in one outfit, this necklace does the trick with so much pizzazz. At least it’s consistent by getting the woodlands theme down to a tea.

I won’t say this bag has replaced my beloved satchel when it comes to my travels, but I’m so happy I took it with me to my most recent trip to Spain – it worked with all of my outfits! As angry as I am at Zara at the moment (tired of the bad quality, the bad fit, the bad customer service, etc.), I still have to give the brand top marks when it comes to its bags. This little fellow proved to be a life saver – it might look small but it can handle plenty of stuff, as well as annoying weather and a night out on the town.

For those of you wondering, these pictures were indeed taken in Spain and even though it was not freezing over there, I did have my Zara coat to help. Hopefully I’ll be managing just with the jacket by March or April in London. Too optimistic?



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