Chapter 46: The pink dress

Dress, H&M. Cardigan and bag, Zara. Necklace, NW3. Ring, Brandy Melville. Boots, Primark (seen here). Umbrella, from Dublin.

The only other hot pink dress that I had in my wardrobe – by Zara, seen here – has retired. I still love it, but when a dress shrinks so much after just a few washes it’s time to say goodbye. It’s not fair and I hate to say this but Zara is loosing brownie points by the minute. My derrière was practically on view with it, hence the reason for letting a new hot pink dress enter my life.

When I tried on this subtle-yet-pretty piece in H&M last December, I didn’t realise how much I would come to love it. It’s basic yet wonderfully versatile – easy to dress up or down, it’s perfect for my current fixation on statement necklaces, my everlasting love for waist belts and my colour cravings during winter. It’s also an all-year round piece – as you can see I’m currently wearing it cardis, layers of tights and tank tops for when it’s super chilly, but I can’t wait to wear it during the summer too.

 I love the floaty vibe it’s got – oddly enough I’ve only just realised that I always go for these kinds of dresses (relatively fitted on the top, easy breezy on the bottom).

This cardigan is the beige version of my green cardigan – I got it in the sale a few weeks ago. I now totally understand people who buy the same piece in different colours, well, I’ve become one of those people! When you love how something fits, doesn’t it make perfect sense to do so?

I fell in love with this necklace the minute I saw it at my workplace and had to have it! It’s essentially perfect, a spot-on summary of one the prettiest trends in jewellery.

The ring is an addition to my growing collection of bow rings (see the others here, here and here). I loved its delicacy and I’ve always had a thing for pearls…

Like the umbrella? My mum got this years ago in Dublin, no less. It could easily be 10 years old, possibly more. But some things never go out of style, non? Especially when they’re this colourful and unapologetically sugary. 

Pictures taken in Bilbao, Spain last week.



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