There’s something about mustard (the coat)

 (The third instalment to a series seen previously here and here)

Coat, bag (seen here) and loafers, Zara. Tights, Primark (seen here).

I still love mustard. It may no
longer be in its heyday like
it was last winter, but that doesn’t stop it from brightening up my day.
In fact, mustard has found two new best friends in my wardrobe: burgundy and forest green. 

Indeed, I bought this coat in
December 2011 (why it hasn’t been on the blog before is bizarre, a total mystery). I have to admit that this was a purchase to partially fill the hole
that was left in my heart when I regretfully didn’t get Topshop’s pretty iconic mustard coat, as seen on every other girl in Britain. But whilst this Zara version isn’t as ‘cute’ as the one I initially had in mind, I grew to love it to bits. I’d like to think it’s got a touch of old Balenciaga…

I didn’t manage to find a small and got it in a medium – it’s a little roomy but still does the job just fine, especially now that I’ve learnt to layer (hence the smug face).

And this, my friends, is a colour combo dream come true. In my head it worked and I finally put it to the test last Sunday. Wearing forest green together with burgundy is already great – I’ve realised it’s my winter equivalent to mint and pink – but adding a splash of mustard? Well, that’s just a bonus. Colour blocking all the way…

Jumper, DKNY. Shorts, Lefties. Necklace, ASOS. Ring, gift (seen here).

In case you were wondering what I was wearing underneath…

My mum got me this jumper at the end of 2009, and even though I’d say my style has changed drastically since then, the fondness for animals, cuteness and knitwear was already apparent. I still love it as much as I did back then, and sadly I learnt a very important lesson with it. When it says dry clean only on the care label, it’s for a reason. Back then I paid no attention to these sorts of things – I stuck it in the washing machine and, surprise surprise, it came out looking two sizes smaller. It still fits, but I do get a little sad when I think about how careless I was. Live and learn…

I love these shorts! I got them from a Spanish store called Lefties (sister of Zara and Bershka) when I went back to Spain at the start of last year – they were dead cheap and caught my eye straight away. Why? The colour, naturally…

I got these loafers at the same time as my coat. I was thrilled when they were reduced from £60 to £30. Thank God I bought them reduced – the sole on one of them fell to pieces when I took them with me to Italy last Spring (see the outfit pics here, here and here). I loved them so much that I couldn’t bare to part with them, and got a shoe man (life saver!) to make a brand new new sole for them. It cost quite a lot but it was probably a much better job done than the original production – which is terribly wrong considering they were originally £60. Surely a pair of shoes should be good quality if they retail at that price, non? Fair enough, I partly take the blame – it rained loads in Italy and I should have been wearing boots instead, but for the sole to actually fall apart? Like I said, I was so relieved I bought them at half price, or else I would have been fuming. End of mini rant. The point is I love them to bits and they’re a perfect match for my mustard coat – no need for them to be forest green or burgundy.


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