Cupcake lovin’

Guys, this is what happens when you type ‘cupcakes’ into ASOS… I did not wake up one morning feeling like I had to have a cupcake print t-shirt in my life, but damn, there’s no way I’d want to live without this tee! What stopped me from initially buying this tee was its droopy style – thankfully, it then went into the sale. I still wouldn’t say that the fit works 100 per cent for me, but I’m so in awe of the print that ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. As well as a worrying sign of what my mental age might be, it’s also one of the jolliest prints in my wardrobe – I feel pretty great when I wear this top.

As you can see, I like to reiterate. Being covered in cupcakes isn’t enough, this necklace is just the cherry on top. And as much of a cutie it may be, it has tremendous sentimental value. My mum, who struggles to understand my taste (as do I), got this for me – I had looked at it only a few days before seeing her and considered it. Gotta love your mum when she’s spot on.

I paired the tee with my Blanco blazer – weren’t these two pieces made for each other?

Top, ASOS, worn with blazer, Blanco (seen here); skirt and bangle, H&M; earrings and necklace, Accessorize; ring, Forever 21; chain bracelet, vintage; brogues, Peacocks (seen here and here); bag, Primark.

By the way, does this frilly bit fall under the peplum category? I have to admit, the peplum trend is driving me crazy – I love it, and yet have struggled loads to find a style that did not make me look huge. I thought a peplum was supposed to suit everyone? Well, it’s a lot trickier than I imagined. Not that this detail made the tee any more appealing – it’s definitely all about the cupcakes with this one.


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  1. 8th September 2012 / 10:05 am

    Your top is so freaking cute!
    I looove it
    I'm following you


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