When in Paris…

…Eat macaroons, speak bad French, see as much art as humanly possible (and not just in the Louvre), embrace the irresistibly charming and touristic hot-spot that is Montmartre, observe the obscenely attractive men and women, indulge in the amazing patisseries, visit macaroon chain Ladurée’s unashamedly sugar-coated shops, feel at ease with the Metro, and of course, see the Eiffel tower by night for the millionth time – because no one should ever get sick of the Eiffel tower. The last time I’d been in Paris was in 2010 (blog post here). I’d been itching to go ever since – I finally managed to three weeks ago, for a longish weekend away. Paris, I don’t know what it is about you, but every time I go I fall in love with you again – you’re an on-going lover that never disappoints. You’ve definitely got that je nais se quoi – maybe it’s because you’re the essence of a continental lifestyle, with lots of art, romance, rudeness and effortless cool thrown in. I cannot wait ’till the next time, and who knows, maybe I’ll speak better French by then. À bientôt


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