Chapter 41: The cute but hard-to-match top

Top, shoes (seen here), ring and satchel (seen here), Primark. Shorts (soon to be seen), NW3. Necklace (seen here), Van Amstel. Watch (soon to be seen), Accessorize. Bracelet, ASOS (seen here).

I’m going to have to say it outright: I don’t like this outfit in the slightest. I thought I’d try something new but now I can definitely say mixing prints is not for me. Light blue top with palm tree print and scalloped edges + stripy shorts = failure. I love each one of these items separately, but together they really aren’t my cup of tea.

I know it might seem strange that I’ve put up pictures of an outfit I’m not happy with, but hey, my mum went to all the effort of taking them, so why not. Plus, this top is a recent buy that I was thrilled with – admittedly, the price (£2) is the best part. Too cute to leave behind, I thought.

I liked the baby blue colour and the scalloped edges – but these photos don’t do the top any justice. I guess it just doesn’t photograph well, not that that stops it from being a pretty ideal summer top.

I love the print! Straight away I thought there was a Miami vibe to it.

So there you have it, try everything once I suppose. This top is proving to be a bit of a tricky one, I’m thinking I should try tucking it in and wearing it with a skirt or my H&M scalloped shorts (which will be coming out of their hibernating period soon). Fingers crossed this post will have a better sequel. I’m always up for a style challenge and if anyone would like to give any suggestions I would love to hear them!



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