More florals and jewellery bits & bobs

Top, H&M. Skirt, present. Loafers, Zara. Necklace, watch, and bracelet, ASOS. Ring, I-am. Bag, French Connection.

Another outfit from my quick getaway to Italy that I didn’t get around to posting… in my head, it was a very Italian outfit – in reality, it’s just me in a floral skirt, and a very in-between seasons look. I’ve still got the black tights but I’ve finally ditched the boots and the knitwear for loafers and a jersey top. Plus, I even get to walk around without a jacket and not freeze. Up until recently this was not the case in London though, outerwear was mandatory – so it was nice to go jacket-less in Italy!

This is the skirt that changed everything – my friend got me this skirt two years ago (which I blogged about here) and all of a sudden florals did not seem so bad after all. It’s not a style that I would have gone for, but it’s got tremendous sentimental value and I love it. Also, it feels pretty relevant right now since pleated, flowy skirts have taken over. It’s actually one of the few non body-con skirts in my wardrobe, and now that fashion is slowly but steadily moving away from the body-con look, I can’t help but ask myself: will my fitted skirts survive this new era?

Ta-dah! Do you like my new lipstick necklace from ASOS? It was love at first sight and makes me happy every time I wear it. If only it really was a lipstick…

I bought this ring from an Italian high-street store, the brand is called I-am and unfortunately they’re not available in the UK (sad face). Oh well, I’m sure they’ll jump over here sooner or later. I took some pictures of the bracelet with the previous look, here are the close-ups…

It’s one of those pieces that make me smile every time I wear it – and that people generally find quite odd. I don’t blame them, as there are very few objects that they have not seen on my jewellery. Plugs, lipstick, glasses… It seems like any normal, every-day object that gets turned into a piece of jewellery makes me a happy bunny. Well, there’s nothing wrong with finding happiness in the absurdities of today’s world, non?

Photographs taken in Pisa, Italy on April 16th 2012.


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