A walk in the park

Coat, Urban Outfitters (seen here). Cardigan, H&M. Vest dress, Topshop. Boots, River Island. Earrings and ring (seen here), Primark. Name necklace, Van Amstel. Bag (just seen), Zara.

Oops – I completely forgot about these pictures that were taken all the way back in February, when I went back to my home in Spain for a speedy visit. Hence the pretty winter-like feel – as much as I love my red coat, I refuse to wear it now – it would feel like December/January all over again. Unfortunately, what I’m wearing in these pictures still feels perfectly relevant right now – the weather in London has been crap the last few weeks so these boots (they were my best friends during winter) have had to come out of their brief hibernation.

On a positive note, I am more than happy to keep wearing this cardigan (I didn’t realise quite how much it matched the background). I spotted it in H&M all the way back in September (if not earlier) and it automatically went onto my mental, on-going wishlist. I love the beige, the slight trompe l’oeil look, the subtle nod to the seventies (or at least that’s what my fashion head thinks it’s reminiscent of). Initially I decided to give it a miss as I found it a little overpriced, only to find it, a little later on, over 50% off in the sale. I guess some things are meant to be!

I love the pockets and the willowy sleeves with the fitted bit at the end…

In a way it’s a pretty bland look, but hey, at least I managed to find some graffiti art in the park. How I love graffiti – it can liven up any dull outfit!

I do love my beige and neutrals, but bright colours will always put a big smile on my face!



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  1. 29th April 2012 / 6:03 pm

    Hooray for 50% off meant-to-be purchases and wild graffiti!

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