Cupcakes (and a bright blue blazer)

Warning: this post contains large doses of self-indulgence – because sometimes it just feels right to overload in the picture department. But hey, at least I’ve included some pretty cupcakes. And where, you wonder, did I spot them? At a pretty tea room hidden in North West London, Bake-a-boo.

OK, so it’s not hidden as such, but unlike other popular cupcake places in London it’s not really located in a bustling area. I only spotted it by chance while I was on the bus, and probably thought something along the lines of “Wow,  I love the name. And it looks so pink and cute.” Ever since I’d always wanted to go, and it wasn’t ’till yesterday afternoon that I finally did. Unfortunately, me and my friend didn’t get to sit inside because the tables were either taken or reserved – so if any of you would like to pay Bake-a-boo a visit I recommend that you give them a call beforehand and book a table, or maybe drop by during the week when it’s likely to be more quiet.

Thankfully it was a lovely day and we were happy to sit outside – plus the cupcake I tried (Yup, for some crazy reason I only had one) was delicious! The hardest part was choosing…

My friend went for a simple, classic vanilla fairy cake, along with some very colourful tea…

While I chose a red velvet cupcake. There’s just something about the name (and colour) that’s so alluring – and the cupcake itself definitely lives up to its name.

Oh yes, and here’s what I wore. As you can see, I am thrilled to have the sun all up in my face, because that usually means it’s… blazer time! I found this blazer quite a few months ago on a reduced rail in Primark, and it’s only (very) recently that I’ve finally got the chance to wear it. It doesn’t have an amazing fit but I love the colours so much that it doesn’t matter – I mean, a rolled-up sleeves blazer in electric blue and emerald green? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Blazer and ring, Primark. Top, Dorothy Perkins (seen here). Skirt, River Island. Satchel, Topshop (seen here). Shoes, Hobbs.

I don’t think, however, I shall be wearing this blazer and top combo again. I wanted to try something a little ‘different’, but ultimately I don’t think it pushes my buttons. I guess leopard print isn’t always the answer after all…

Sun, blazers and cupcakes – what more can a girl ask for, eh?




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