Chapter 33: Unexpected

Blazer, French Connection (sample sale). Top (seen here) and bag, Zara. Belt, Primark. Shoes, Melissa for Vivienne Westwood. Earrings, Peacocks. Bracelet, vintage.

Hot pink and leopard print is always a winning combo, isn’t it. Well Thank God for that because there’s plenty of both in my wardrobe, one of the latest additions being this blazer. It was an unexpected find at a French Connection sample sale during the first week of June (or last week in May?). And I don’t mean to start another never-ending bitching session, but it was one of the worst sample sales I have ever been to. The main reason – amongst many others, that I shall refrain myself from explaining – being that we were not allowed to try anything on. I didn’t think it would matter with outerwear, but as I began to try on this blazer a security guard stopped me from doing so. And that’s my brilliant excuse for using this amazing adjective: I was, to say the least, flabbergasted. What kind of absurd rule is that? 

But back to fashion blog pleasantries, I did sneakily manage to try it on. It’s a size 10, and I do tend to find French Connection sizes a little big, but this blazer comes up very big. My friend gave me the thumbs up, I was a bit unsure and looked around for a smaller size but couldn’t find one, so I decided to go for it. To be honest, I might not have bought it had there been mirrors (and therefore no stupid rule about not trying things on). It’s really not a style that I’m used to, I love boyfriend style blazers and jackets with a loose, almost manly fit but I generally don’t feel this kind of style works on my frame.

It’s a happy ending though – I ended up wearing it the same day I bought it (as seen above). I’ve come to love this jacket and embrace its bigness. I think that because it’s so ‘big’, I really feel like I can just throw it over almost anything. Does the fuchsia shade give it an eighties vibe? I’d like to think so, it would make me love it even more. The fabric is lovely and of course, the rolled-up sleeves are a plus.

I recently got ‘negative feedback’ about this blazer from a straight male acquaintance, who called it “horrible”. I felt like he was insulting one of my children. How dare he? I realised that my ideal man better not give a toss about what I wear. There are so many women who come into my workplace, try things on and don’t buy anything because they want to get opinions from their husbands. It’s natural to want to make your partner happy, but when it comes to style, are we not allowed to be 100% selfish? I definitely don’t want to have to change anything about my style when Mr. Right comes along. I firmly believe that people should dress for themselves and not for others – especially men!



  1. 29th June 2011 / 8:42 pm

    pinkpanterrrr 😀 you don't mind adding colors haha. and yeah guess you're right 🙂 simplicity is just my thing.

    your hair is so beautiful!

  2. 3rd July 2011 / 3:33 pm

    love that blazer dear, woei what a great color ♥

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