May snippets

Not much to say, but a little to show. May has been a nice month so far – for me, it’s been all about trying new things with nails and catching up with the latest fashion news. And I just can’t help but wonder – what’s with all these designers leaving (or getting the sack) brands? Patrick Robinson is now out of Gap, Christoph Decarnin has left Balmain, and surprisingly (or at least to a mortal like me) Hannah MacGibbon is no longer at Chloé. I’m particularly a bit distraught about MacGibbon – overall, I loved what she was doing at Chloé. Looks like we’ve got some interesting fashion times ahead of us. But back to the self-indulgence…

1. It’s been a while since I last stocked up on various magazines in one month. ELLE was my first treat, followed by i-D and Vogue. I’m simply in love with these two covers. The i-D one is so playful and clever; I love the colour scheme (it sums up this season’s fixation on Prada stripes) and although I’ve come to accept Karlie Kloss, it’s Jourdan Dunn who I love. Vogue’s cover is just so fresh and pretty – I know Alexa Chung might have turned into a bit of a cover cliché, but I think she looks lovely in this picture (and I still have a style crush on her).

Nail polish, Barry M in Mint Green. Ring, Primark. Clutch bag, Frassy Rags.

2. A friend of mine told me that I really should try other nail colours other than pink and red, so I finally plucked up the courage to go for my current colour crush: mint. I remember loving Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague nail polish last summer (oh, the number of blogs it must have turned up on), but telling myself that I could never pull it off, that it didn’t suit my skin tone, and so on. And here I am, finally stepping out of my comfort zone and sporting a minty green. This one is Barry M’s Mint Green, which seems to be really good quality. At first I felt a bit strange and unsure, but grew to love it, and can’t wait to put it back on – I’m sure it will be making a lot of guest appearances on the blog.

3. However, this has definitely been the star of the nail show. I got this done last Friday at a really nice event held in Brent Cross by Middlesex fashion students, Flash Paradise. I’d been wanting to try leopard print on my nails for so long and it’s everything I could have ever hoped for and more (yep, oddly enough it is only nails that I’m talking about). It was painted on, which makes it even more special, although it pains me to think that it is only pictures like these that will soon be all that’s left of them…

4. To finish off, and because every fashion blog should have some sort of (literal) eye candy at some point or other, I just had to include these pretty macaroons spotted in Soho the other day. Apart from the fact that they’re deliciously cute, I think these hues are exactly what my summer style is going to be all about (with mint taking the lead). I’m loving my bright colours at the moment, but there’s just something about pastel and ice-cream shades that gets me every time – they’re just so easy to wear and match and feel great in. Not to mention the fact that they remind us of pretty food.




  1. 14th May 2011 / 6:35 pm

    I want to eat those macaroons so bad…

  2. 15th May 2011 / 3:20 am

    Those macarons made my heart jump. That means desire. Haha. Your nail polish, just wonderful. Also, like you, I'm sad about MacGibbon leaving… let's hope Chloe will not change a lot. XX

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