Leopard & Mocha

Blazer and blouse, Zara. Vest dress (worn underneath blouse), Topshop. Ring, Primark. Bracelet, vintage. Boots, Stradivarius. Bag, Jaeger.

Words-wise, it’s going to be a short pose – I’ll let the pictures do the talking. These were taken just over a week ago, when the weather began to get wonderful. I love the fact that I could get away with wearing a blazer, and yet still felt cosy in my boots. The main novelty is my new Zara blazer – my lame excuse for having to get another blazer even though my wardrobe is full of them? I didn’t have one in this colour, and the rolled leopard-print sleeves are a big bonus. What colour would you say it is? Mocha, caramel, light brown? Take your pick, I choose mocha because I like the sound of it.

This blouse is also from Zara, I suppose in a way it’s a little OTT when matching with the blazer, but I kind of love it. On a serious note though, two friends of mine have recently said that wearing leopard-print or faux-leopard pieces is still a way of promotion for the real deal. I had actually never looked at it that way – more than once I have declared my love for leopard print on this blog, but I would never, ever wear real fur. It’s just a personal choice, but does that make me a hypocrite for wearing prints and faux pieces? Not sure if this question has an answer, but I’d love to hear what others think on the matter…

Love these boots so much, yet I hardly wore them this winter… it’s better though, I want them to last as long as possible.

I remembered the brand of these earrings (as seen here)! It’s Gogo Philip and they’re stocked in Topshop, most of their jewellery has a vintage feel, I might have to do a post on them in the near future because I love everything they do.

And just to prove my point, isn’t my blazer the exact shade as this Cappuccino? OK, so it’s not a Mocha, but still, point taken I hope?


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